Surviving A Cold

Hi there internet friends.

How are you all doing? I myself have caught a cold somewhere. I hate it. My head is so motivated and clear, but my body is just like `nah.´ I actually wanted to write another review today, but I can´t do this with a clear conscience (most of what I am writing today will be nonsense...) We still have winter and a lot of people suffer from colds right now. I even get a cold in summer and at least five times a year (it had been time that it started this year), so I have discovered some essentials for surviving a cold.

1. Skincare
When you blow your nose often the skin around it really hurts after some time. My tip here is a very fatty cream. I smear mine around the nose and on my lips after each time I blow my nose and it doesn´t hurt anymore. Also I avoid having my skin peeling off. Labello works, too.

2. Scrunchies
I really hate my hair during a cold. I am too lazy to do anything really with it and I don´t like it stuck on my nose or lips (they are full of fatty cream, remember?). I generally feel ugly during a cold, so I don´t even want to bother with my hair. I always end up with a ponytail while having a cold. It is easy, it doesn´t take much time and it gets my hair out of the way.

3. Back to Basics
As I said, I just feel generally ugly during a cold. Each time I blow my nose some of my make up comes off and my eyelids feel as heavy as stones. But at the same time I don´t want to go to school/university/wherever you need to go without any make up on. I just take everything back to basics: Make up/concealer, powder, mascara. Not more, but also no less. 

4. Hot Drinks
This is a really important thing during a cold. Hot drinks just heat up your body from the inside, they taste delicious and they smooth your throat. I just get a really cuddly feeling when drinking them. It is the best thing about having a cold. If you want you can also eat a lot of cookies while drinking your cocoa/coffee.

5. TV-Shows & Books
Let´s face it: During a cold I am useless. I can´t stay concentrated for long (I have written this blogpost in five minute paragraphs). I need things to do that don´t need much concentration. It doesn´t matter if I re-read books or start a new one. I don´t feel my cold as much because I can live in a different world for a while. Tv-Shows like Pretty Little Liars or New Girl also keep your head off of the cold and are quite entertaining. If you don´t like Tv-Shows as much try movies.

In my  emergency kit for colds are always a Labello or a fatty cream, a scrunchie and a lot of tissues. I don´t go nowhere without this kit during a cold. The other essentials are also quite improtant, but I don´t take books with me all the time (would look pretty stupid, wouldn´t it?).

Have a wonderful day

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