Quick Accessoire Choices

Hi there internet friends.

As I found myself in a hurry every morning this week because somehow I was too tired to be fast (I blame Sherlock for this). I always keep an eye on what I wear to school and this is quite hard in a hurry. Especially if you have to put on make up and choose fitting accessoires. This takes time, guys.


Clip Bracelet & Clips – Christmas Markets

Necklace – Primark

Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

Watch – Bijou Brigitte

Belt – Jeans Fritz

Necklace  - Bijou Brigitte
Scarf - Bijou Brigitte
Rings - Six
Earrings - Primark
Watch - Bijou Brigitte
Bobby Pin - Primark

In the early stages of this blog I already showed you my All Time Favorite Accessoires which are the ones I take with me on every vacation. Though I have my full range of accessoires right before me during the week I tend to use mostly the same things over and over again. Those accessoires are not the same as my all time favorites, though. But they are very easy to combine to a lot of outfits, but not as many as the other ones (which makes them so great for a vacation: one set of all time favorites can go with almost any outfit). I thought I would share my accessoires from today and from yesterday with you to give you an idea how to pimp my outfits when you´re in a hurry (or just too lazy to give this much thought).

I don´t know if this blogpost was any help for you. I don´t even know if you understood what I meant at the beginning, but let´s get past this. I hope that you found some kind of inspiration in this post (if you didn´t, I can´t help you). I really like the Clip Bracelet because I can personalize it and use different clips (if I have time for that). It also gives my hand something to do when I am bored in school as I can clip the clips on and off. Also I love the bobby pin. It gives every outfit that special something.

What I think you can take away from this post is that you can pimp up your outfit with really simple and neutral accessoires. You don´t even need much time for it.

Have a wonderful day

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