OOTD: Finally Friday

Hi there internet friends.

I have this great friday feeling today. First of all, the whole weekend is right in front of me and I have almost no school work left. (Woop, woop, weekend here I come!)

Have I told you that I have a cold right now (I know I did, but I´d just like to remind you how miserable I am). No, I´m kidding. I am actually getting better. I feel that my head is as clears as it can be. Just my nose doesn´t work as usual. But that´s just fine.

Anyway, because I still would like a few easy days to fully recover I am just giving you an Outfit Of The Day today. I found this shirt in a winter sale and I´ve fallen in love with it. It has beautiful details and the most wondeful colors. I couldn´t let it just stay there. And now I can´t wait until it is laundered and I can wear it all over again.

Shirt - Only; Top - H&M; Trousers - Only; Shoes - Claudia Ghizzani; Socks - H&M; Earrings, Rings, Necklace - Primark; Watch - Bijou Brigitte

I really love how the shirt feels. It is not too thin, but also not too thick. I think it is more comfortable because it lest my arms bend further forward than those shirts usually do.

I know that my watch doesn´t fully fit in with the gold accessoires, but it´s the only one I have. (And I like it, okay?) 

I have the feeling that I already annoy all my friends with this outfit because I love it so much. Because I consider you to be my internet friends with who I share a lot of my life I couldn´t bear to not show this outfit to you.

Have a wonderful day

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