My Face Monday #9

Hi there internet friends.

How´s the new year going for you so far? I know I didn´t upload a blogpost yesterday. I just needed a day off. Nothing to do, no pressure. That day was yesterday for me. I don´t believe in that kind of stuff, but the black cat crossing my way in the morning definitely was a sign and I took the chance to just relax for a day. Today the things look a bit different. I only have one day of my vacation left and I still have some things to do. That also means that I am motivated enough to write a blogpost for you guys.

Well, that´s actually easier said than done. I am not leaving the house today and that is always the best chance for me to do something for my skin. So I am not going to do my make up today. What is a My Face Monday without a make up? I should probably squeeze in here a little explanation what a My Face Monday is in general:

I will show you guys my face of the day every monday. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130

Cheeks -> Kiko Soft Touch Blush 108
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Liquid Liner in 010, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> Catrice Ginger&Fred

Anyway, I did some actual thinking on Saturday about this problem and then quickly took a few pictures of the make up I wore that day, just in case. I wore this make up for a kind of bigger gathering of friends of my family.

You can probably see that my hair looks a bit weird. Let´s just say dying it didn´t go all too well ( it never does with my hair. I should really stop dying it). I just hope that it starts to look a bit better in a few days (it will be rather weeks, but I don´t really want to admit to that). 

Are you also being totally motivated today or is today your day to relax without having any duties? Tell me in the comments down below.

Have a wonderful day

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