L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub - Review

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As you might have catched from the pictures of me my skin isn´t the most beautiful one. I have spots and pimples all over my forehead and my chin (the all too well known T-Zone). Me nibbling on those pimples is definitely not helping my skin and I have to care for it even more. 

For quite a few months I have been using  the L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub (besides other products) to help me with this problem. As you might have also seen in my pictures my pimples are far away from gone. But after the amount of time I have been using this product I think I can give you a good long term review of it (I already emptied one bottle and bough two new ones just in case they take it out of range). 

The Foaming Gentle Scrub is exactly what it is named after. It is a face scrub and it is also really soft. There are hard bits in it (as you can also see on the pictures), but they aren´t too big so you don´t really feel them. It is said to be exfoliating your skin and to make your pores look smaller. On the packaging it also says that it gives you a "velvety smooth skin".

I bought it for 3,45 € in dm (a german drugstore). You don´t only get the scrub, but also what they call the "Scrublet". The Scrublet is a soft and flexible brush with which you apply the gel scrub. The brush intensifies the peeling effect of the gel.

I am genuinely happy with this face scrub. The scrublet helps to take off any make up left on my face and I really feel clean after using this. The product lasts quite long if you only use it once a day (like me). My skin feels smoother than before and my pimples are becoming less and less (the rest is probably what I owe to nibbling). To my mind, I have lost some of the redness of my cheeks thanks to this face scrub. I can´t say anything about smaller pores, but I didn´t think mine were big in the first place (that will come once my skin gets older).

The scrublet must be one of the best inventions ever. Seriously, it is so soft and then it does such an amazing job. I am using the scrublet now for another cream wash that I use in the morning. The appliance is super easy. Personally, I feel that the scrublet is better than using my own hands to apply the product. The scrublet can reach all my pores better and get the make up that is hidden from my fingers.

There´s not so much going on with the foaming though. It says that on the packaging, but there is no foam unless my face is really wet. I do wash my face before applying the product and then I just brush over it lightly with a towel to not have water dripping down my chin. After this there´s no foam left (if you don´t count that minimal white gel as foam). But foam was never the thing I wanted most from this product. I think no foam (or that little foam) makes it actually better because nothing of the foam can get into my eyes.

If me buying two new bottles of the L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub wasn´t hint enough here´s it all clear: I love the product and  it is the best thing to get your face all cleaned up in the evening. I would recommend this to everyone.

Edit: I just used this right after a shower when my skin was still wet and I kind of forgot about taking off some water with my towel (waterdrops falling on my chest are not a nice feeling) and there was foam! I have just not using this totally right, that's why there was no foam. I just thought I'd let you know that.

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