Illnesses Are Fun

Hi there internet friends.

My medicine makes me loopy and dizzy and talk non-sense. I hate it. No, luckily I do not have to take medicine regularly. I am just (still) pretty ill. Today I have been to the doctor and all he could do was perscribe me more medicine. He also said it´s going to take me at least one week to get better.

by e-Magine Art, used with licence

Of course I could now start bragging about all the things that I hate about being ill. But we all know them too well, don´t we? Instead I think we should lay our focus on the good things that illnesses bring with them (not the really bad illnesses, of course. They are just bad).

Being ill has exactly two positive sides. Number one is eating everything you want and number two has to do with chilling in bed and sleeping. I can´t see bad things about this.

As said early this does not apply to heavy illnesses. Heavy illnesses are a really, really bad thing and there is no positive in laying in bed all day if you aren´t able to move at all. Keep this in mind while you read on.

But if you have a bad cold or something similar light those two things are perfect. Who would hate to lie in bed all day, sleep a lot and eat everything you want? Nobody! The best explanations for not doing anything at all are "My head doesn´t feel well when I move, so I´d rather stay in bed", "My body regenerates and heals while I am sleeping. I am not just lazy, I am trying to help my body" and "I need to eat those sweets, my body needs the sugar to get better."  Trust me, nobody argues with that. I also love "I can´t get up without a headache. Can you get me ...?" You don´t even have to move then anymore.

This sounds like paradise to me (again, not if it´s a bad illness) and this is the only reason I have stayed kind of positive this whole time. I hope none of you are ill right now. It´s enough if one of us talks non-sense.

Have a wonderful day

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