Hello 2014

Hi there internet friends.

Yes, I had to correct my title. I definitely wrote "2013" in the first attempt. Can you believe that 2014 is already here? I don´t feel any different yet, do you? Maybe it´s just because I am too tired to do anything.

The first of January is probably my favorite day of the year. I don´t need an excuse for chilling in my bed the whole day. I am yawning while writing this. Staying up until 5 am was not my best idea.

As I have already told you, I want 2014 to be my year. I am that kind of person who likes To-Do-Lists so I also really like New Year´s resolutions. Don´t get me wrong here. I know that it might seem a bit ridiculous and like a bunch of non-sense because who has ever achieved all of their resolutions. But this can actually help me to get all the stuff done. I have it all written down then and can´t get my way out of it by pretending it is not there. And I also feel so good whenever I can cross something off of my lists. I just hope this year is going better than the last one.

Resolutions for 2014

- lose some weight (live healthier)
   Again don´t get me wrong here. I like how I look. I just think I could look a bit better (especially my legs could be a bit thinner). I just know that I live way too unhealthy. If I don´t keep track of what I am eating I can end up eating two or three bags of candy in one day. That is not good at all for my body. I want to stop that, but not make candy a "forbidden" thing. I just really want to look out for what I am eating and how much. Losing weight is a side benefit of that.

- get my Abitur and be proud of it
    Only four months until I am finished with school. In Germany we get that thing callend an Abitur after 12 years of school. 

- move out
- visit London
- go on vacations somewhere sunny
- be more organised (do more important things first)
    I am a pretty organised person, but I tend to put really important things on hold when I don´t need them directly. A pretty bad habit that I want to stop to have more time for other things in the end.

- get my drivers licence
- kiss a boy
    Ugh, this is a bit embarassing, but I want to be honest with all of you guys. I have never ever kissed a boy yet. I just wasn´t into that a few years ago (a thing that happens when you´re not "cool") and now I am afraid to kiss anyone really. I am too afraid to do anything wrong or not like it or something that I stand in my own way. I want to try to kiss a boy this year (and hopefully before I become 18!)

- worry less
    Worrying is really extrem with me. I worry so much that I end up being totally afraid of the thing and that is not helping anyone. If I would stop worrying for just a bit I would not be in such embarassing positions and I would finally do things instead of being totally afraid.

- stop nibbling
- appreciate the good things more
    I cam across this idea of a jar where you put in little notes with every good thing right after it happened over the whole year. On New Year´s Eve you can then open the jar. I think that´s a great idea (just like the list with good experiences I made) to remember all the good things. That´s what I am going to do this year.

- spend more time with friends
- quit my job (and find a new one)
- get a pet
- don´t care so much about other people´s opinions
    I just want to be myself and if I want to wear a bold lipstick why should I worry what the other people in my class think? This has always kept me away from living my life the way I want it.

- continue blogging throughout the whole year
- celebrate New Year´s Eve either in my bed alone or in Berlin
- become 18

It´s a long list, I know that, but this is going to be my year and how should I start it without having a lot to do? Some things like "becoming 18" are inevitable and others like "move out" or "visit London" are already planned in my future either way. As I said earlier I like to cross things off that list and why not note down things that will happen when it gives me a good feeling?

I hope you had a great start into the new year and that you can relax today. Just don´t get up. It´s the best thing to do.

Have a wonderful day

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