Girls Night In - Lesson #2

Hi there internet friends.

In preparation for this blogpost I have forbidden myself to eat anything sweet. Okay, nope, I am just kidding. I don´t want to live in that kind of hell. But we girls do like to pretend we´re living such a healthy life when we actually eat a whole bag of gummibears in one day.

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If you have missed my first blogpost about Girls Nights In, click here. I was concentrating on films to watch. Today I am laying a bigger focus on food. 
As I am currently in a really healthy phase I have discovered that girly days are a lot harder. We all have those phases were we want to live a bit healthier, but deep inside we still crave sweets. Here lies the problem: On girly days there´s A LOT of sweets and chips and cookies and chocolate and everything. It is so hard not to give in and we know that we all fail sometimes.

It might sound a bit dumb and it´s a quite obvious tip, but I did actually never really think of this opportunity before. Take your own snacks with you. Instead of denying yourself to eat anything on that girly day just bring healthy alternatives

carrot sticks instead of chips
hummus instead of salsa
grapes instead of gummybears
dried fruits instead of chocolate
nuts instead of cookies

Yes, I know that´s all not as sweet and as yummy as chocolate is, but you have to grow to the taste. It´s kind of a mind thing. Maybe allow yourself to have a handful gummibears and then return to your grapes. If you deny yourself everything sweet you will soon be craving it. If you allow yourself little pieces and then distract your tummy it is much easier to resist.

I do have good news for us all. We don´t need to eat healthy on every girly day. It is even more healthier to have days on which we eat way too much and way too unhealthy. Such days encourage your metabolism and that is important to stay healthy at all. I wouldn´t tell myself that every weekend, but on one or two occasions a month this is a pretty good excuse.

Have a wonderful day

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