Girls Night In - Lesson #1

Hi there internet friends.

As you might have read I am bored to death on weekends. All of my week is so stressful that I don´t know what to do when I have nothing to do. To save me from this boredom I have now planned a girly day with my sister, my best friend and her sister on sunday. And what do we girls do on such a day? Right, we watch Disney movies and all those sweet, kitschy films that boys are never going to watch voluntarily. Well, I have to admit, we do that among other things like baking, pampering and chitchatting.

I would like to tell you about my four (or five) favorite girly films. 

1. Frozen/Tangled
Frozen is the story of two sisters. When their parents die the older sister Elsa who was born with a curse is getting crowned. Things go wrong and the whole kingdom is shocked by the impact that her curse has. She flees and leaves her kingdom Arendelle in the deep winter her curse created. Her sister Anna sets out to search for Elsa. She leaves her love, Prince Hans (who she just met that night), in charge. On her way she meets Kristof, his reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf, who help her on her way.
The story is really, really sweet. I watched it in the cinemas and while I had to cry some tears towards the end (it´s wrong that Disney movies get to me like that) I also laughed so hard. This film is pure perfection. I love all the characters, especially Anna and Olaf. I can´t stop singing the songs and I can´t stop watching the film. If you can get your hands on a copy or buy it on Itunes then go and watch it. 
If you are not able to get this one try Tangled. It is also very sweet and really, really funny. It almost has the same story. Rapunzel wo has never left her tower and has magical, glowing hair wants to see the lights that glow on the night of her birthday from the castle and the thief Flynn helps her on her way. Seen it, loved it. 

2. Enchanted
Similar to Frozen and Tangled, and then totally different. 
Giselle falls in love with Prince Edward of Andalasia. His stepmother Queen Narissa doesn´t want him to be in love to save herself. So she pushes Giselle down an enchanted fountain which brings Giselle into the real life New York. Here she meets the divorce Lawyer Robert and his daughter Morgan who help her. At the same time Edward follows Giselle to save her with the help of the chipmunk Pip. Narissa and her companion try to kill Giselle all the while.
This is one of the best Disney films ever. I have never seen such a kitschy story being told so hilarious. I love it. This film keeps making fun of ever other Disney story and seeing Giselle and Edward getting around in our world is the best thing ever.

3. Something Borrowed
Rachel is an attorney and single. After a few drinks too much she tells Dex that she had a crush on him since law school. They wake up in bed together the next morning. Darcy, Rachel´s best friend and Dex´ fiancé, is desperately calling both of them because Dex didn´t come home. This is the beginning of a complicated story about the values of love and friendship and making decisions.
I just love this film. It is so damn complicated and I get caught up in it every single time I watch it. I really hate Darcy as a character in this because she acts just so egoistical, and sometimes I even hate Rachel because she´s giving by so easily. But in the end I think that all characters are well written and believable. I especially love the soundtrack of this film and I cry everytime just a little bit. Even though I know how the second book (yep, this film is based on a book) ends. Give it a try. It is totally worth it.

4. Music and Lyrics
I´m pretty sure everyone has seen this film by now. But what about just seeing it again?
Washed-up former popstar Alex is desperately trying to write a song called "Way Back Into Love" for young megastar Cora Corman. By chance, the women who waters his plants, Sophie Fisher, comes up with a few great lines. Both of them grow closer while writing the song in the time of three days. Eventually, they end up in bed (or on the floor). Cora likes the song, but wants to give it a more sexy Indian vibe and Sophie is horrified by that. Alex, however, wants to get back his career madly enough to be okay with it. Upset by Alex behaviour Sophie leaves him to start a new life in Florida.
This film is just pure cuteness. I love it so much though I have watched it so often. I even want to watch it again right now (maybe I´ll do that as soon as I am finished here). It is so sweet and I think this is one of the most believable love stories that could ever happen (if, of course, you meet a broken popstar who is not too old). It is beautiful and my heart melts so often during this movie that "I can´t even..." is an understatement.

If you don´t like any films of the above. Try Save the Last Dance or Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached or He´s Just Not That Into You. Those are all typical girly films, but we like to put our hearts through that, don´t we?

Have a wonderful day

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