Boring Weekends

Hi there internet friends.

It is sunday and you all know what that means: yet another weekend is almost over. Tomorrow there´s no more sleeping after 6.30 am, no more chilling in my PJs for half of the day. When I think of it, I would just like to stop time right now and have weekend for the rest of my life. Luckily, there is another weekend coming just six days from now.

Slowly I am getting a problem with weekends. I love them because I can sleep longer, but I also hate them because I´ve got nothing to do. I mean it. Besides writing this blogpost and cleaning my room all I have done today is watching videos from the Holy Trinity of Comedy (Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart). I have now fallen in love with their friendship and would really like to meet them. As soon as I have finished writing this I will go back into my bed and continue to watch videos. Or maybe I'll just watch another episode of Sherlock (my latest obsession). I just start watching new series whenever I'm bored.

That is so not what an active person like me should do on a sunday. I already have made a post about 10 Ways to Mess With Your Boredom, but because it´s a sunday I can´t do some of them. And I am certainly not motivated enough to do the other ones. Having friends living nearby would solve this problem, but I also don´t have them (mine live all a bit farer away :/ ).

Nothing to do equals nothing to write about. Or rather having had a great idea, but lost this idea due to not writing it down( always have a notepad and a pen with you, kids). But there´s always the chance to brag about my boring life and to let you guys now my plan out of the boredom on a sunday with no one around me.

1. Clean your room
2. Get a lot of snacks and watch movies that make you cry all by yourself (because you can cry when you´re lonely better than when you´re with people who judge you for panda eyes)
3. Get up and look what games for your pc/ipad/Nintendo DS/XBox/Playstation/Wii you haven´t played in a while (for me that was Just Dance 4  and I had a ton of fun; and again there´s nobody judging you)
4. Ask your parents/roommates/siblings/grandparents if you can come over to have a coffee or if they want to come over. If you have a great family like me this meetings will be fun and probably you will get free cake.
5. Get everything done for school. I know it´s boring, but it will make your week easier and it is better than doing nothing (in most cases).

Well, as you can see. This post has not really something to tell you. It´s just me telling you about my boring life and giving you the list of things I do on boring sundays. Most of the things are also not the most fun (hands up if you acutally like cleaning your room), but just sitting in bed can get really maddening and those things will prevent you from that. And maybe you just had a good laugh about the nonsense I wrote and I have made your boring day better in a way.

Have a wonderful day

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