Illnesses Are Fun

Hi there internet friends.

My medicine makes me loopy and dizzy and talk non-sense. I hate it. No, luckily I do not have to take medicine regularly. I am just (still) pretty ill. Today I have been to the doctor and all he could do was perscribe me more medicine. He also said it´s going to take me at least one week to get better.

by e-Magine Art, used with licence

Of course I could now start bragging about all the things that I hate about being ill. But we all know them too well, don´t we? Instead I think we should lay our focus on the good things that illnesses bring with them (not the really bad illnesses, of course. They are just bad).

Being ill has exactly two positive sides. Number one is eating everything you want and number two has to do with chilling in bed and sleeping. I can´t see bad things about this.

As said early this does not apply to heavy illnesses. Heavy illnesses are a really, really bad thing and there is no positive in laying in bed all day if you aren´t able to move at all. Keep this in mind while you read on.

But if you have a bad cold or something similar light those two things are perfect. Who would hate to lie in bed all day, sleep a lot and eat everything you want? Nobody! The best explanations for not doing anything at all are "My head doesn´t feel well when I move, so I´d rather stay in bed", "My body regenerates and heals while I am sleeping. I am not just lazy, I am trying to help my body" and "I need to eat those sweets, my body needs the sugar to get better."  Trust me, nobody argues with that. I also love "I can´t get up without a headache. Can you get me ...?" You don´t even have to move then anymore.

This sounds like paradise to me (again, not if it´s a bad illness) and this is the only reason I have stayed kind of positive this whole time. I hope none of you are ill right now. It´s enough if one of us talks non-sense.

Have a wonderful day

Girls Night In - Lesson #2

Hi there internet friends.

In preparation for this blogpost I have forbidden myself to eat anything sweet. Okay, nope, I am just kidding. I don´t want to live in that kind of hell. But we girls do like to pretend we´re living such a healthy life when we actually eat a whole bag of gummibears in one day.

by Vox Efx, used with licence

If you have missed my first blogpost about Girls Nights In, click here. I was concentrating on films to watch. Today I am laying a bigger focus on food. 
As I am currently in a really healthy phase I have discovered that girly days are a lot harder. We all have those phases were we want to live a bit healthier, but deep inside we still crave sweets. Here lies the problem: On girly days there´s A LOT of sweets and chips and cookies and chocolate and everything. It is so hard not to give in and we know that we all fail sometimes.

It might sound a bit dumb and it´s a quite obvious tip, but I did actually never really think of this opportunity before. Take your own snacks with you. Instead of denying yourself to eat anything on that girly day just bring healthy alternatives

carrot sticks instead of chips
hummus instead of salsa
grapes instead of gummybears
dried fruits instead of chocolate
nuts instead of cookies

Yes, I know that´s all not as sweet and as yummy as chocolate is, but you have to grow to the taste. It´s kind of a mind thing. Maybe allow yourself to have a handful gummibears and then return to your grapes. If you deny yourself everything sweet you will soon be craving it. If you allow yourself little pieces and then distract your tummy it is much easier to resist.

I do have good news for us all. We don´t need to eat healthy on every girly day. It is even more healthier to have days on which we eat way too much and way too unhealthy. Such days encourage your metabolism and that is important to stay healthy at all. I wouldn´t tell myself that every weekend, but on one or two occasions a month this is a pretty good excuse.

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #12

Hi there internet friends.

Yeah, I missed another sunday blogpost yesterday. This time I didn´t forget and I wasn´t too lazy. I was simply not feeling well enough to think anything more than "sleep" or "food". I´ve watched 3 totally kitschy movies yesterday. That´s bad.

Anyway, it´s monday again and that means there´s a new (and hopefully not so headache-y) week. I am looking forward to this week though I had to dope myself with medication to just get up today (I needed to go to school, you know, otherwise I would´ve felt pretty guilty for missing a day). I have been feeling quite dizzy and loopy the whole day, but right now I think it´s okay.

What kind of blogpost did I write on mondays again? Ah, right. My Face Mondays:

I will show you guys my face of the day every mondy. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130

Cheeks ->Essence Happy Holidays blush stick in 01 Run, Run Rudolph!
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 420 Talk Like An Egyptian, Manhattan Multy Effect Eyeshadow in77N Royal Hotness, P2 Eyeshadow Cream in 050 Happy, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrating

Well, I am wearing the same shirt again. I told you that I love this one. I wear it at least twice a week. I also think that I might have to get a good camera and need to stop taking pictures with my iPad. Maybe good lightning would also be good. Mhm, too many things to invest money in when I can also spend it on non-sense things like Make up. Getting my laptop back from repair would be a good first step...

Have a wonderful day

Quick Accessoire Choices

Hi there internet friends.

As I found myself in a hurry every morning this week because somehow I was too tired to be fast (I blame Sherlock for this). I always keep an eye on what I wear to school and this is quite hard in a hurry. Especially if you have to put on make up and choose fitting accessoires. This takes time, guys.


Clip Bracelet & Clips – Christmas Markets

Necklace – Primark

Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

Watch – Bijou Brigitte

Belt – Jeans Fritz

Necklace  - Bijou Brigitte
Scarf - Bijou Brigitte
Rings - Six
Earrings - Primark
Watch - Bijou Brigitte
Bobby Pin - Primark

In the early stages of this blog I already showed you my All Time Favorite Accessoires which are the ones I take with me on every vacation. Though I have my full range of accessoires right before me during the week I tend to use mostly the same things over and over again. Those accessoires are not the same as my all time favorites, though. But they are very easy to combine to a lot of outfits, but not as many as the other ones (which makes them so great for a vacation: one set of all time favorites can go with almost any outfit). I thought I would share my accessoires from today and from yesterday with you to give you an idea how to pimp my outfits when you´re in a hurry (or just too lazy to give this much thought).

I don´t know if this blogpost was any help for you. I don´t even know if you understood what I meant at the beginning, but let´s get past this. I hope that you found some kind of inspiration in this post (if you didn´t, I can´t help you). I really like the Clip Bracelet because I can personalize it and use different clips (if I have time for that). It also gives my hand something to do when I am bored in school as I can clip the clips on and off. Also I love the bobby pin. It gives every outfit that special something.

What I think you can take away from this post is that you can pimp up your outfit with really simple and neutral accessoires. You don´t even need much time for it.

Have a wonderful day

Girls Night In - Lesson #1

Hi there internet friends.

As you might have read I am bored to death on weekends. All of my week is so stressful that I don´t know what to do when I have nothing to do. To save me from this boredom I have now planned a girly day with my sister, my best friend and her sister on sunday. And what do we girls do on such a day? Right, we watch Disney movies and all those sweet, kitschy films that boys are never going to watch voluntarily. Well, I have to admit, we do that among other things like baking, pampering and chitchatting.

I would like to tell you about my four (or five) favorite girly films. 

1. Frozen/Tangled
Frozen is the story of two sisters. When their parents die the older sister Elsa who was born with a curse is getting crowned. Things go wrong and the whole kingdom is shocked by the impact that her curse has. She flees and leaves her kingdom Arendelle in the deep winter her curse created. Her sister Anna sets out to search for Elsa. She leaves her love, Prince Hans (who she just met that night), in charge. On her way she meets Kristof, his reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf, who help her on her way.
The story is really, really sweet. I watched it in the cinemas and while I had to cry some tears towards the end (it´s wrong that Disney movies get to me like that) I also laughed so hard. This film is pure perfection. I love all the characters, especially Anna and Olaf. I can´t stop singing the songs and I can´t stop watching the film. If you can get your hands on a copy or buy it on Itunes then go and watch it. 
If you are not able to get this one try Tangled. It is also very sweet and really, really funny. It almost has the same story. Rapunzel wo has never left her tower and has magical, glowing hair wants to see the lights that glow on the night of her birthday from the castle and the thief Flynn helps her on her way. Seen it, loved it. 

2. Enchanted
Similar to Frozen and Tangled, and then totally different. 
Giselle falls in love with Prince Edward of Andalasia. His stepmother Queen Narissa doesn´t want him to be in love to save herself. So she pushes Giselle down an enchanted fountain which brings Giselle into the real life New York. Here she meets the divorce Lawyer Robert and his daughter Morgan who help her. At the same time Edward follows Giselle to save her with the help of the chipmunk Pip. Narissa and her companion try to kill Giselle all the while.
This is one of the best Disney films ever. I have never seen such a kitschy story being told so hilarious. I love it. This film keeps making fun of ever other Disney story and seeing Giselle and Edward getting around in our world is the best thing ever.

3. Something Borrowed
Rachel is an attorney and single. After a few drinks too much she tells Dex that she had a crush on him since law school. They wake up in bed together the next morning. Darcy, Rachel´s best friend and Dex´ fiancé, is desperately calling both of them because Dex didn´t come home. This is the beginning of a complicated story about the values of love and friendship and making decisions.
I just love this film. It is so damn complicated and I get caught up in it every single time I watch it. I really hate Darcy as a character in this because she acts just so egoistical, and sometimes I even hate Rachel because she´s giving by so easily. But in the end I think that all characters are well written and believable. I especially love the soundtrack of this film and I cry everytime just a little bit. Even though I know how the second book (yep, this film is based on a book) ends. Give it a try. It is totally worth it.

4. Music and Lyrics
I´m pretty sure everyone has seen this film by now. But what about just seeing it again?
Washed-up former popstar Alex is desperately trying to write a song called "Way Back Into Love" for young megastar Cora Corman. By chance, the women who waters his plants, Sophie Fisher, comes up with a few great lines. Both of them grow closer while writing the song in the time of three days. Eventually, they end up in bed (or on the floor). Cora likes the song, but wants to give it a more sexy Indian vibe and Sophie is horrified by that. Alex, however, wants to get back his career madly enough to be okay with it. Upset by Alex behaviour Sophie leaves him to start a new life in Florida.
This film is just pure cuteness. I love it so much though I have watched it so often. I even want to watch it again right now (maybe I´ll do that as soon as I am finished here). It is so sweet and I think this is one of the most believable love stories that could ever happen (if, of course, you meet a broken popstar who is not too old). It is beautiful and my heart melts so often during this movie that "I can´t even..." is an understatement.

If you don´t like any films of the above. Try Save the Last Dance or Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached or He´s Just Not That Into You. Those are all typical girly films, but we like to put our hearts through that, don´t we?

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #11

Hi there internet friends.

Don´t you just love this time of the year? Well, except for it being freaking cold and not sunny enough I do. It is the time of being ill. As long as I am not the one actually being ill it is a lot of fun. If you still have to go to school you understand me. A lot of teachers are ill. That equals a lot of free time.

Today I found out that my English teacher is ill the whole week. That´s how you start a week. Thank you, monday. Speaking of today being a monday. It´s time for another My Face Monday. You haven´t heard what this is before? Well, let me explain:

I will show you guys my face of the day every mondy. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130

Cheeks ->  P2 Beauty Stories Bloom 2 Beauty Powder & Blush Duo in 020 love
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 630 Fancy A Coppa Tea, P2 Eyeshadow Cream in 050 Happy, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> Boulevard Lipbalm

My Mom already said that I do look like I´ve cried the whole night, but I started to like this make up. It is very heavy on glitter and maybe I would rather wear it for an evening event than school. But learning this is at least something learned. Now I have a make up for my next evening out.

I will now go on drinking my hot cup of Vanilla Latte that is sitting next to me and watch a bit more of Sherlock. Yup, that series did really get to me. I can´t wait for the forth season airing in december.

Have a wonderful day

OOTD: Finally Friday

Hi there internet friends.

I have this great friday feeling today. First of all, the whole weekend is right in front of me and I have almost no school work left. (Woop, woop, weekend here I come!)

Have I told you that I have a cold right now (I know I did, but I´d just like to remind you how miserable I am). No, I´m kidding. I am actually getting better. I feel that my head is as clears as it can be. Just my nose doesn´t work as usual. But that´s just fine.

Anyway, because I still would like a few easy days to fully recover I am just giving you an Outfit Of The Day today. I found this shirt in a winter sale and I´ve fallen in love with it. It has beautiful details and the most wondeful colors. I couldn´t let it just stay there. And now I can´t wait until it is laundered and I can wear it all over again.

Shirt - Only; Top - H&M; Trousers - Only; Shoes - Claudia Ghizzani; Socks - H&M; Earrings, Rings, Necklace - Primark; Watch - Bijou Brigitte

I really love how the shirt feels. It is not too thin, but also not too thick. I think it is more comfortable because it lest my arms bend further forward than those shirts usually do.

I know that my watch doesn´t fully fit in with the gold accessoires, but it´s the only one I have. (And I like it, okay?) 

I have the feeling that I already annoy all my friends with this outfit because I love it so much. Because I consider you to be my internet friends with who I share a lot of my life I couldn´t bear to not show this outfit to you.

Have a wonderful day

Surviving A Cold

Hi there internet friends.

How are you all doing? I myself have caught a cold somewhere. I hate it. My head is so motivated and clear, but my body is just like `nah.´ I actually wanted to write another review today, but I can´t do this with a clear conscience (most of what I am writing today will be nonsense...) We still have winter and a lot of people suffer from colds right now. I even get a cold in summer and at least five times a year (it had been time that it started this year), so I have discovered some essentials for surviving a cold.

1. Skincare
When you blow your nose often the skin around it really hurts after some time. My tip here is a very fatty cream. I smear mine around the nose and on my lips after each time I blow my nose and it doesn´t hurt anymore. Also I avoid having my skin peeling off. Labello works, too.

2. Scrunchies
I really hate my hair during a cold. I am too lazy to do anything really with it and I don´t like it stuck on my nose or lips (they are full of fatty cream, remember?). I generally feel ugly during a cold, so I don´t even want to bother with my hair. I always end up with a ponytail while having a cold. It is easy, it doesn´t take much time and it gets my hair out of the way.

3. Back to Basics
As I said, I just feel generally ugly during a cold. Each time I blow my nose some of my make up comes off and my eyelids feel as heavy as stones. But at the same time I don´t want to go to school/university/wherever you need to go without any make up on. I just take everything back to basics: Make up/concealer, powder, mascara. Not more, but also no less. 

4. Hot Drinks
This is a really important thing during a cold. Hot drinks just heat up your body from the inside, they taste delicious and they smooth your throat. I just get a really cuddly feeling when drinking them. It is the best thing about having a cold. If you want you can also eat a lot of cookies while drinking your cocoa/coffee.

5. TV-Shows & Books
Let´s face it: During a cold I am useless. I can´t stay concentrated for long (I have written this blogpost in five minute paragraphs). I need things to do that don´t need much concentration. It doesn´t matter if I re-read books or start a new one. I don´t feel my cold as much because I can live in a different world for a while. Tv-Shows like Pretty Little Liars or New Girl also keep your head off of the cold and are quite entertaining. If you don´t like Tv-Shows as much try movies.

In my  emergency kit for colds are always a Labello or a fatty cream, a scrunchie and a lot of tissues. I don´t go nowhere without this kit during a cold. The other essentials are also quite improtant, but I don´t take books with me all the time (would look pretty stupid, wouldn´t it?).

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #10

Hi there internet friends.

I know, I know. I missed another blogpost on a Sunday. Shame on me! 
But may I explain myself? I had nothing planned yesterday and had my blogpost already written and then a good friend called and we just had a spontaneous girly evening and then I just forgot. I am sorry.

Nevertheless, today is a monday and the start of a new week. I shouldn´t be so motivated on a monday, should I? And I am becoming ill. I can already feel the cold growing in my nose and my throat. I hate this feeling. I just feel like my head is not capable of doing any thinking. Something in there is blocked when I have a cold, I know it. Because of the lack of creativity I have today (blame the cold, not me) I don´t have  a good connecting passage. Here just goes my little explanation what a My Face Monday is:

I will show you guys my face of the day every mondy. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130

Cheeks ->   /
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> Boulevard Lipgloss

Mondays always get very stressful around here. I have a presentation coming up and I have already started to learn for my final exams (talk about too early learning: My exams are in May). And as usual at the start of a new week there are thousand other things to do. But I´m getting them all done during this week. This is a really great feeling to have.

Have a wonderful day

Boring Weekends

Hi there internet friends.

It is sunday and you all know what that means: yet another weekend is almost over. Tomorrow there´s no more sleeping after 6.30 am, no more chilling in my PJs for half of the day. When I think of it, I would just like to stop time right now and have weekend for the rest of my life. Luckily, there is another weekend coming just six days from now.

Slowly I am getting a problem with weekends. I love them because I can sleep longer, but I also hate them because I´ve got nothing to do. I mean it. Besides writing this blogpost and cleaning my room all I have done today is watching videos from the Holy Trinity of Comedy (Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart). I have now fallen in love with their friendship and would really like to meet them. As soon as I have finished writing this I will go back into my bed and continue to watch videos. Or maybe I'll just watch another episode of Sherlock (my latest obsession). I just start watching new series whenever I'm bored.

That is so not what an active person like me should do on a sunday. I already have made a post about 10 Ways to Mess With Your Boredom, but because it´s a sunday I can´t do some of them. And I am certainly not motivated enough to do the other ones. Having friends living nearby would solve this problem, but I also don´t have them (mine live all a bit farer away :/ ).

Nothing to do equals nothing to write about. Or rather having had a great idea, but lost this idea due to not writing it down( always have a notepad and a pen with you, kids). But there´s always the chance to brag about my boring life and to let you guys now my plan out of the boredom on a sunday with no one around me.

1. Clean your room
2. Get a lot of snacks and watch movies that make you cry all by yourself (because you can cry when you´re lonely better than when you´re with people who judge you for panda eyes)
3. Get up and look what games for your pc/ipad/Nintendo DS/XBox/Playstation/Wii you haven´t played in a while (for me that was Just Dance 4  and I had a ton of fun; and again there´s nobody judging you)
4. Ask your parents/roommates/siblings/grandparents if you can come over to have a coffee or if they want to come over. If you have a great family like me this meetings will be fun and probably you will get free cake.
5. Get everything done for school. I know it´s boring, but it will make your week easier and it is better than doing nothing (in most cases).

Well, as you can see. This post has not really something to tell you. It´s just me telling you about my boring life and giving you the list of things I do on boring sundays. Most of the things are also not the most fun (hands up if you acutally like cleaning your room), but just sitting in bed can get really maddening and those things will prevent you from that. And maybe you just had a good laugh about the nonsense I wrote and I have made your boring day better in a way.

Have a wonderful day

Motivational Music

Hi there internet friends.

Thanks to Tumblr I finally know that I am not alone. I am not the only one who´s mood depends on music. My dependence on Music is so bad I think Music should be considered as being a drug (which then again would make it illegal to listen to music. Nah, I haven't thought this through..) You know from my Hello 2014 blogpost what my resolutions for this year are. I thought I´d stress them this year with two songs. Both songs represent what I basically want to achieve this year: I want to be more myself and care less about what others think about that.

The first song is Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
And they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins

Yeah, that´s basically me right now. I take everything personal. If you say something bad about my hair, I will not wear it that way again.

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

That´s what I want to do. I want to be brave and say what I thinke more.

 Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live

I feel like I was in a cage and since I stopped caring so much I feel so free.

Innocence, your history of silence
Won’t do you any good
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Yeah, why don´t I? 

I want to see you be brave

That´s what I wish for at the moment. I want to see myself being brave all the way.

The second song is Roar by Katy Perry.

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely

I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

Again, that´s just who I was last year. But...

You held me down, but I got up
Get ready cause I've had enough

... I want to get up and show the world what is in me this year.

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar

I know that I am great the way I am, just the world doesn´t know that yet. But this year, I will make my stand, be myself and be louder than I used to. I don´t want to go back to being held down by someone or something.

I know that this is not really a typical blogpost for me, but it is something I wanted to share. I know there are a lot of quiet and shy people out there just like I am when it comes to being myself. If I can do it this year and if I can be brave this year, so can you. There´s no one stopping you but yourself. 

Music has always helped me with motivating me to do something. Maybe it can do the same for you. 

Also both songs are something almost everyone can relate with, but they are not sad because of that. They sound happy and totally motivating and that´s what makes them so great.

Have a wonderful day

L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub - Review

Hi there internet friends.

As you might have catched from the pictures of me my skin isn´t the most beautiful one. I have spots and pimples all over my forehead and my chin (the all too well known T-Zone). Me nibbling on those pimples is definitely not helping my skin and I have to care for it even more. 

For quite a few months I have been using  the L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub (besides other products) to help me with this problem. As you might have also seen in my pictures my pimples are far away from gone. But after the amount of time I have been using this product I think I can give you a good long term review of it (I already emptied one bottle and bough two new ones just in case they take it out of range). 

The Foaming Gentle Scrub is exactly what it is named after. It is a face scrub and it is also really soft. There are hard bits in it (as you can also see on the pictures), but they aren´t too big so you don´t really feel them. It is said to be exfoliating your skin and to make your pores look smaller. On the packaging it also says that it gives you a "velvety smooth skin".

I bought it for 3,45 € in dm (a german drugstore). You don´t only get the scrub, but also what they call the "Scrublet". The Scrublet is a soft and flexible brush with which you apply the gel scrub. The brush intensifies the peeling effect of the gel.

I am genuinely happy with this face scrub. The scrublet helps to take off any make up left on my face and I really feel clean after using this. The product lasts quite long if you only use it once a day (like me). My skin feels smoother than before and my pimples are becoming less and less (the rest is probably what I owe to nibbling). To my mind, I have lost some of the redness of my cheeks thanks to this face scrub. I can´t say anything about smaller pores, but I didn´t think mine were big in the first place (that will come once my skin gets older).

The scrublet must be one of the best inventions ever. Seriously, it is so soft and then it does such an amazing job. I am using the scrublet now for another cream wash that I use in the morning. The appliance is super easy. Personally, I feel that the scrublet is better than using my own hands to apply the product. The scrublet can reach all my pores better and get the make up that is hidden from my fingers.

There´s not so much going on with the foaming though. It says that on the packaging, but there is no foam unless my face is really wet. I do wash my face before applying the product and then I just brush over it lightly with a towel to not have water dripping down my chin. After this there´s no foam left (if you don´t count that minimal white gel as foam). But foam was never the thing I wanted most from this product. I think no foam (or that little foam) makes it actually better because nothing of the foam can get into my eyes.

If me buying two new bottles of the L´oréal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub wasn´t hint enough here´s it all clear: I love the product and  it is the best thing to get your face all cleaned up in the evening. I would recommend this to everyone.

Edit: I just used this right after a shower when my skin was still wet and I kind of forgot about taking off some water with my towel (waterdrops falling on my chest are not a nice feeling) and there was foam! I have just not using this totally right, that's why there was no foam. I just thought I'd let you know that.

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #9

Hi there internet friends.

How´s the new year going for you so far? I know I didn´t upload a blogpost yesterday. I just needed a day off. Nothing to do, no pressure. That day was yesterday for me. I don´t believe in that kind of stuff, but the black cat crossing my way in the morning definitely was a sign and I took the chance to just relax for a day. Today the things look a bit different. I only have one day of my vacation left and I still have some things to do. That also means that I am motivated enough to write a blogpost for you guys.

Well, that´s actually easier said than done. I am not leaving the house today and that is always the best chance for me to do something for my skin. So I am not going to do my make up today. What is a My Face Monday without a make up? I should probably squeeze in here a little explanation what a My Face Monday is in general:

I will show you guys my face of the day every monday. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130

Cheeks -> Kiko Soft Touch Blush 108
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Liquid Liner in 010, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> Catrice Ginger&Fred

Anyway, I did some actual thinking on Saturday about this problem and then quickly took a few pictures of the make up I wore that day, just in case. I wore this make up for a kind of bigger gathering of friends of my family.

You can probably see that my hair looks a bit weird. Let´s just say dying it didn´t go all too well ( it never does with my hair. I should really stop dying it). I just hope that it starts to look a bit better in a few days (it will be rather weeks, but I don´t really want to admit to that). 

Are you also being totally motivated today or is today your day to relax without having any duties? Tell me in the comments down below.

Have a wonderful day