Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas! I promised you the second part of my trip to Munich and what better time to give it to you than on the 24th? So here is what I saw on a Christmas market called Tollwood.

My Christmas Decorations

Christmas is so close now I can almost smell the fondue already (yes, over 600 kilometers of distance). I am going home this afternoon and can´t wait to finally see a fully decorated house because my apartment is just lacking in this department. Since my parents are coming to stay with me after the holidays for a few days, I thought I´d set up some Christmas decorations just to trick them into thinking I did so. If you haven´t decorated anything yet as well, this weekend is your chance!

Winter Dreams II

You will probably now that I am quite obsessed with Christmas markets. Since I´ve been living near to Munich now I didn´t want to pass on the opportunity of visiting the Christmas markets there. So instead of listening to a lecture about social psychology I decided to take the train up to Munich instead and it was the right decision.

My Favorite Winter Accessoires

The cold winter has been here for a few weeks now and that means I´ve been wearing hats, headbands and many scarfs. Every year I buy so many new winter essential and then end up wearing just the same ones over and over again. I think I have finally established what my essential winter accessories this year are.

Soap & Glory´s Clean On Me - Review

"Yes, you can have it all... soft, smooth sexy skin whenever you want it, just clean on me." Those words had sold this product to me in no time when I was in London this summer. Now that winter has come, the air is cold and the time of not so smooth skin has come, I finally got around to trying Soap & Glory´s infamous Clean On Me.

Essie Nail Polish Trio - Review

Do you know what the worst thing about Christmas shopping is? You become so tempted to buy other products you don´t really need (neither for a present nor for yourself). For me one of those products was this Essie Nail Polish Trio in beautiful christmassy colors of red, white and gold. Because I don´t own a single nail polish in one of those colors (that´s such a lie!).

Winter Dreams

There are no words to explain how excited I am for Christmas. I have always loved Christmas time since I can remember but this year it´s gotten to a whole new level. I can´t wait to go home for Christmas and at the same time there´s a big Christmas market in my city (and it lasts for four weeks!). Christmas markets and Christmas decorations are probably the two things that make me really excited for the whole time. Everywhere you look it´s just so beautiful and sweet and cheesy (but that´s okay because it´s Christmas time). I already did this last year and I am going to continue it: showing you beautiful pictures of Christmas markets I go to.

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas time has finally come around and that does not only mean that I can now listen to Christmas music all day long. Christmas time has always been the time to be grateful and to gather the people around you that you love. Often we say thank you to those people with nicely wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. I decided that I want to say thank you to all of you for always being nice to me and taking the time to read my little rambles.

20 Things You Don´t Want To Know About Me

Is this a tag already? I don´t know. I just know that I learned quite a lot about myself over the past months with the big cut and all the stress shooting my way. Why not share those things with random people on the internet? (No, you´re actually not random people, I consider you my friends) It´s a bit like the Random Facts About Me Tag but then still not exactly the same. Those are things I don´t necessarily feel the need to tell anyone about because it´s really not something anyone would like to know about me. I hope they humor you nonetheless.

November Favorites

It´s already December and I am in a catch 22 between being overly excited for Christmas and not wanting to believe that the year is almost gone now. Anyways, the start of a new month always means it´s time to share my favorite things from the last one. Writing down my monthly favorites has easily become one of the posts I enjoy doing and reading most. It´s a nice way to reflect on all the positive memories.

Topshop Blush - Review

As with all the products I´ve reviewed lately, I bought this blush in London this summer. Even though  we Germans can be envied for our delicious Spaghettieis, when it comes to shopping (make up and fashion) England is way better.  For example, there´s Topshop over there and they not only sell some cute outfits but also pretty great make up. In the same shopping spree when I picked up the Topshop Nail Polishes I also couldn´t resist to buy the Topshop Blush in the color Flush.

The Smallest Haul

I think this might be the smallest haul in the history of hauls (or at least the smallest I´ve ever written) but sometimes these small hauls are all that we need to make us happy. This one in particular did make me happy because I only spent 2€.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick - Review

Ever since I started reading blogs, this lipstick has been one of the most raved about products. I went through a phase of hating not living in England as Rimmel products are not available in Germany. As with many other products I took the chance I had when I was in London this past summer and bought it. Sadly, summer is not really the time for a really dark lip, so I didn´t get around wearing it until now.

What´s In My Emergency Kit

Even though my thoughts are more often a mess than not I am that kind of person that has a pretty neat handbag. I hate when everything´s stuffed into that bit of place and it just ends up being messy. That´s why I bought this little make up bag in Primark at the start of this year. It´s so cute with the dots and the little bow and with it having two pockets it´s incredibly large. It just fits everything I need to take with me no matter what handbag I am using.

Ed Sheeran in Concert

It´s a well known saying that spontaneous decisions are the best ones. After the experience I had this past weekend, I couldn´t agree more with this. By coincidence I found out that Ed Sheeran was on a tour in Germany and playing in Munich on November 17th. Lucky me that I now live close to Munich and that I have found some amazing friends that were willing to go with me.  Also we were really lucky that there were pretty cheap tickets still left that surprisingly had a good view. So on Monday us five girls went to Munich to see Ed Sheeran.

Kiko Purifying Scrub - Review

By now you should all be well aware that my skin isn´t the clearest. In fact, I have a pretty troubling and imperfect skin. Whenever a product promises to clear my skin, you can probably find it in my basket seconds after seeing it. This behaviour led me to buy the Kiko Purifying Scrub last time I went into Kiko (and it was on sale, so it couldn´t be bad).

Clearing My Head

Do you know this feeling of having too much information stuffed into your brain at once so that every bit of creativity just flies away to give you more room? I can definitely say that I felt a look like this lately (one tip: if you start uni, start summarizing the lectures early or you´ll never ever catch up!). While I am typing this away I feel a slight headache coming my way and I could´t be happier to go out and have a coffee with friends in a half an hour. Whenever I feel like this, I know I should take a step back from all the work and just relax in order to clear my head. I know a lot of you are probably in school/uni and feel the same way, so I have put together a list of my favorite things to clear my head (because we all know just taking a break doesn´t relax when your thoughts are still swirling around the topic).

Autumn Scenery

I think I´ve have already said it too often in Twitter Bloggerchats, but I will say it again: I love autumn and its scenery. It´s just so beautiful when the sun shines through the colored leaves and makes them appear golden. Just in general the atmosphere in the woods is amazing with so many crunchy leaves on the ground, the slight chill in the air and the dark trees.

Taylor Swift "1989" Review

For years and years I have been a fan of Taylor Swift. I have never been that interested in the number of guys she dated or how her songs where about them, I just loved her music and her voice. With "1989" she released her fifth studio album on October 27th.

Topshop Nail Polish Review

I brought back a lot of goodies from London this summer (as you can see in my London Haul). These two nail polishes from Topshop where something I was really looking forward to try out. I didn´t even want to buy nail polishes when I was there but I just couldn´t resist those pretty colors.

October Favorites

It´s already November and as always I can´t believe how fast the time has passed. I had to have a look at my calendars (which I still haven´t changed to November) to make sure "October" was right in the heading. October was a busy month for me. I started uni and am still figuring out how it all works but it´s fun so far (as much fun as studying can be). I didn´t try out many new things but the ones I tried were great.

Halloween Make Up & Haul

I am probably the last person in the world to write a Halloween themed blogpost this year (yes, because it´s the day after Halloween). I just never realized how near Halloween was and it just struck me on Tuesday. That´s also the day me and a friend decided to go to a Halloween party. On Wednesday we came up with the "lame" plan to go  as devils and on Thursday we went shopping to get what we needed. Here´s everything we bought (and there´s a lot of red involved).

Room Decoration Ideas

It´s been a month since I moved (crazy, right?). I feel like this little apartment has finally become my home. I´ve decorated it just the way I wanted and I brought in a lot of pictures to always stay close to my friends and family.  It´s still not perfect and there are still some decorative pieces missing (like something to store my necklaces on) but I think it´s mostly set for now. I like it a lot and it definitely has helped me get settled in a totally new environment.

On Friendship

I am a sucker for poetry. There, I said it. I love reading Shakespeare (though I might not always know what he´s saying) and sometimes reading a poem gives me shivers. It has even gotten to that point where I analyze lyrics in my head. But I also feel like poetry does not get enough attention in this century and in my age. Many young adults would rather watch non-sense TV-shows than spent a few minutes reading a poem (sometimes I am guilty of that as well). I wanted to share a beautiful poem with you today that means a lot to me.

My Bucket List

When I was having such a long break from school and everything in general in summer, I often had the feeling that I wasn´t achieving anything while others were seeing the whole world. I still feel like that a lot of times. As a result I started a bucket list and it always reminds me that I still have a chance at experiencing those moments because I am still very young (my life basically just starts now). I don´t know if this is a Tag yet (I haven´t found one) but I´d like to make it one.

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

What is it about living on a budget that makes me want to buy everything I see? Whatever it is, it is driving me insane. Autumn has come around and all the new collections are in store. As I´ve been changing up my feeling about fashion and my style recently I know realize that I barely have things I actually want to wear. Here are some of the things I would really like to own.

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

When it was time for me to move out I did one major shopping trip to get everything I still needed at that point. On a limp I also picked up the Mango Hand Cream when I was strolling through The Body Shop. After a few weeks of using it now I think I can tell you if it´s worth picking up.

Getting Cosy

I am looking at a tree that is standing topless outside of my window. As much as I like to hang onto summer I think that´s not possible anymore. Autumn is actually her. That´s actually not the worst thing in the world. Halloween is just around the corner, colorful, crunchy leaves are lying on the ground and I can get absolutely cosy with a blanket and fluffy socks without anyone judging me. I wanted to make a list of my favorite things for getting cosy.

Revlon Colorbust Lip Butter Review

After I have bored you so much with all my thoughtful posts, it is now time for a easy-to-read review (not that I didn´t put any thoughts into this one!). When I was in London I couldn´t help myself and just had to buy a lot of beauty products which are having a bit of a hype right now. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are one of these products.

Heart To Heart

I thought a bit of spring flowers would brighten up the dark autumn. 

Look at that, this is my 200th blogpost. Well, technically I have written a few more than 200 as I deleted some old ones from the blog. But you can still go back and read most of my old and cringe-worthy blogposts if you want to do that to yourself. After a year of blogging and 200 blogposts, I feel that we are friends now. If I were to meet anyone of you, I´d instantly go and hug you. When it comes to hugging one quote has stuck with me.

Autumn Inspired FOTD (with a twist)

Autumn is really upon us now and that definitely calls for some red lip action. Since I am quite new to the red lip department and feel not brave enough to wear dark red shades, I opted for this brighter shade. I also added a bit of a twist to the traditional matte lipstick as it makes my lips appear fuller.

A Fresh Start

the picture is horrible which kind of proves my point
It´s a classic cliché: When women want to start over they get a new haircut. Personally, I have never met a woman who actually got a new haircut because of a breakup. I have been really annoyed with my hair for a long time now and as I was moving out anyway, there was no better time to get rid of old stuff.

All Those Happy Things

Moving out is a rough procress, I think I mentioned that quite a few times already but I really mean it. I also never had the greatest of luck. Whatever could go wrong over the past two weeks did go totally wrong. Worst thing yet: Rode my bike up the steep hill to my uni to get my seasonal ticket for the bus when the selling point was already closed. I then read on that selling point that I could have gotten it at the train station 2 minutes from my apartment away. I think a list of little and simple things that did make me happy over the past two weeks is in order.

September Favorites

Even writing the title to this post felt totally weird. I can´t believe we´re already in October. That means there´s only three months until it´s Christmas. Where did the rest of the year just go? But in old blogging routine, here go my favorites for the month September. This time they are a bit more random.

Childhood Memories #5

One of the things I love about pictures is how they hold the memory of a moment or a whole night even though they might not portray this special moment. Right now I have gotten into designing/creating my own pocket calender with pictures of my friends and family and all of my favorite TV shows. While looking for pictures of me and my sister, I found this gem hidden in one of my folders.

Sweater Weather Tag

I have finally sorted almost everything out for my new room (hooray! for that). There´s still little bits and bops I want to get to improve it all but those things can wait for a moment. I have decided that I won´t get out of the house today. I will stay in my PJ´s and in that overly comfortable bathrobe and get some work and reading done. I am feeling autumn coming as I stare into the grey sky out of my window and I am excited. I am bringing back the Sweater Weather Tag from last year created by Lexie, you can watch her video here. Honestly, I have taken the questions from Ingrid´s version as there are a few changes in it that I quite like, her video can be watched over here. Let´s get started!

My Top Seven - House Haul

If you haven´t noticed that I am in the process of moving right now, you must have lived under a rock. As stressful as it is, I finally got a perfect excuse to go to Ikea multiple times without feeling guilty. I also went shopping to get all the things other things I needed. If I was to show you everything I bought, this post would be longer than the great wall of china, so here are my top seven buys.

Packing Up My Stuff

I am sitting in a new room with new furniture in a town I barely know with a new radio station being my background music hundreds of kilometers from my parents, my sister and my friends away. It´s all so new and I am scared as hell for everything that is to come. Living alone won´t be the problem as I actually enjoy the freedom I have but I have no idea what starting at uni will bring with it. Will I find friends? Will I like psychology as much as I think I will. When will I see my friends and family the next time? Will I get along with my roommate?

Empties: The First One

You can´t always get what you want - did anyone else sing this? - and I had to learn it for moving. I wanted to take everything with me but for the sake of leighter packing and a fresh start I had to use up a few things. I then realized that I had never done an empties post and here we are now.


At the start of this blog I promised you to always be honest here and I have been. I will not make something sound pretty if it´s not. Just to clarify this from the start: I am not leaving this blog because it and anyone who reads it means to much to me. But I am leaving the nest and moving not only out of my family´s house but a 6 hour drive away.

My Top Seven - Happy Songs

If you should know anything about me it´s that I don´t do anything without music. Getting ready in the morning? Listening to music! Making Lunch? Listening to music! Writing a blogpost? Listening to music. Sometimes I lie down and just listen to music or I just have a good old dance out to get me motivated - I took that idea from Grey´s Anatomy, oops. I´ve put together a playlist containig seven songs that currently just make me happy and have me dancing in no time. I think they really help when I have to get up early.

First Impressions FOTD

I had a bit of time before I met up with my best friend for a photoshoot yesterday. I decided it would be a good idea to try out some of the new make up I bought when I was in London and I am quite happy with how it turned out. It worked really well for the photoshoot. So here´s the finished look and my first impression of some products.

Face - Maybelline Dream BB Cream, Manhattan Powder Mat Make Up, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Cheeks - Borjouis Chocolate Bronzer, P2 Beauty Stories Blush, Topshop Glow
Eyes - Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Catrice Liquid Liner, Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara
Lips - Tanya Burr Lipgloss

I´ve been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer for a while now and I quite like it. It doesn´t have the best pigmentation but it stays matte all day. I am in the process of fully testing it against my other concealers to write a full review on it later. I also used the Real Techniques Powder and Shading Brushes for the first time - well I used the Powder Brush before but how could I not. They´re incredibly soft and blend out everything so well.

Topshop Glow is something I have never tried before. I like it but I am not sure how much you can actually see it on my face. The same goes for Borjouis´ Chocolate Bronzer. Maybe I should have bought both a shade darker. I also still need to find the right way of applying both but that is something I will work out when I use them more often.

I could also finally use Tanya Burr´s Lipgloss in Aurora. I first thought it would be a very subtle color but I was quite wrong. The lipgloss is quite opaque and therefore still changes the color of my lips as well as adding glitter to them. It smells absolutely amazing but I haven´t gotten around to tasting it yet - or I haven´t noticed the taste yet. The only thing that bothers me a bit is how sticky the lipgloss is. I´ve used some lipglosses that aren´t sticky at all but this one just catches my hairs and never lets them go.

All in all, I can say that I am really happy with my buys and I didn´t waste a single penny. Time will show if my opinion of the products will change with further uses but I don´t hope so.

Healthy Back To School Snacks

When I was at school I was already pretty big on healthy eating. I always found that other people´s snacks for breaks looked more delicious than my healthy snacks. I don´t know if anyone else feels the same way but I was then sat there staring at other people´s snacks and unhappily ate mine. I never figured out how much fun healthy eating actually is. Now I have found a few snacks that are healthy and look absolutely delicious. I will definitely take them with me to university.

My Top Seven - Back To School Beauty

September is that magical month where all tv shows come back from their summer break but it´s also the time of the year where we all have to go back to school. I liked school for the most part - except for getting up early and boring classes - but now I´ve graduated and university doesn´t start until October. But I know what school is like and I was wearing make up from seventh grade one. I have gathered some essentials since then and wanted to share them with you.

Skincare Party by Mary Kay

When I was younger my mom used to go to Tupperware-Parties all the time. It was a fashion back in the 90s and early in the 2000s. That way we now have loads of Tupperware containers at home, so much actually that they don´t even fit into our kitchen and we have some in the basement as well. Now, years after this, a new party is taking over: The Skincare Party.