Winter Wonderland #3

Hi there internet friends.

One last time I have a Winter Wonderland for you. I know that Christmas is already over, but it´s still winter, isn´t it? And the pictures I took look way better than the grey clouds I´ve got in front of my window. I think this could cheer us all a bit up (because I at least am always a bit down when Christmas is over) and maybe bring back a bit of that Christmas spirit for a last time this year.

isn´t this just the cutest little cup ever? It´s kitsch, I know, but still cute.

This is one big christmas tree!

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing?

Oh, I should mention that I took this pictures in Munster. Funny is that I was there on sunday with my family and then again on monday with some friends. But the pictures are all from the sunday visit. My family is just more patient with me taking pictures.

It´s a lot of kitsch that I photographed, but somehow kitsch is totally okay when it´s christmas time. There´s no other time of the year that I like kitsch in. I don´t know why. My family has decided to call me crazy because of that... Hopefully you don´t do that.

Have a christmasy day (for the last time this year)

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