Winter Wonderland #2

Hi there internet friends.

This blog post is a bit later than ususally. I´m sorry, but I got hung up on Friends (just two more season to go.. that makes me kind of sad...). I now brought all my motivation together to give you this winter wonderland as I promised.  I have to say that High School Musical always gets my motivation up. The songs are just catching! (please, please don´t judge me!)

See? They even had to put up papers to make it look like snow because there´s no snow in sight.

This christmas tree is amazing!

I didn´t even notice this man when I took the picture. But doesn´t he look lovely? 

I was in Essen on Sunday to do all of my christmas shopping and they have the most amazing christmas market without a doubt. They have fairy lights like a roof almost all over the whole space. In general there are so many fairy lights and cool statues made out of fairy lights and carussels and everything! I love it. To get you into the christmas spirit a bit as much as I am after having visited the market I will show you some of the pictures I took.

Because my sister and me were both carrying a lot of bags I didn´t take any pictures of her or me. I´m sorry for that. But all of the pictures were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and I love the camera of it. This is seriously amazing! If you are thinking about getting a new phone and you can spend a bit more money go for it. You won´t regret it (or at least I don´t regret it yet).

I just wish it would snow for christmas, but instead the weather is just getting more warm. Ugh, the weather never does what I want. At least I just have one day to go until my holidays. I think I will survive this one day.

Have a wonderful day

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