Winter Wonderland #1

Hi there internet friends.

I am very sorry for not posting on friday. I was kind of busy because it was snowing for the first time this year! Okay, that´s not the best excuse, I know. But we´re currently having a Christmas market in our little town and what´s more perfect than snow and a Christmas market with the sweetest best friend ever? And then we just talked for like three hours straight. 

And then yesterday I was too busy watching Friends and I folgt to upload the post. I had already written. But you will get two posts today.

I tried to catch some pictures to show you awesome christmas lights this year. I can´t control myself when there are so much beautiful decorations up. You need to know that our Christmas market is pretty small. You have to be careful not to miss it, I´m serious. But I catched some good pictures, I think.

Look at those beautiful decorations you were able to buy at one booth. You can put them on wrapped presents and their handmade! I actually know the boy who made them and I had no clue he was this talented with folding paper. Those little stars are just so amazing.

Don´t mind my best friend (I have another female one and I love her, too) just casually standing there. I think he was jealous because I was taking all those pictures of decorations and the carousel. But psst, you don´t know that from me!

Hihi, I tried to take pictures of snow for you, but it didn´t last long enough on the ground. (People were walking all over the place and the snowflakes immediately transferred into water) I did catch some on my glove though.

I love some decorations in our town, others are not that great. I still love this time of the year. All cities look so pretty. I´m hoping to visit another Christmas market (a bigger one) next weekend. I will take pictures then too. How can anyone hate Christmas time when everything is so lit up? Oops, I´m getting over-excited again. I will stop know before I repeat myself over again.

Have a christmasy day

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