What´s In My Advent Calender?

Hi there internet friends.

How are you all? It´s the first of December and that means I can officially hear christmas music now. I´ve been listening to Micheal Bublé and the christmas songs by the Glee Cast for the whole day. Am I the only not getting enough of Last Christmas? I know it´s not really a christmas song, but I love it anyway (sometimes I hear it in the summer, but psst! that stays between us.)

When I was creating a online advent calender for my best friend I came across a make up advent calender which was still available at the 25th of November. I thought "Why not buy it? I can´t hurt." And well, I ordered it. Guess what, it came here in time (yesterday, to be exactly). 

It has products by this brand Boulevard in it and I´ve never heart about this brand before, but what does it matter? I want to show you the things that are in it each sunday. I think this can be very interesting.

For the first day there was this blusher inside.

Though it does look pinkish in the pictures it is more a light orange. And as you can see in the swatch picture it leaves just a light shimmer on the skin. I think this can be quite beautiful in the winter. Maybe you can better use it as a highlighter than a blusher.

Also I have to say that the quality is not really the best. It is barely pigmented and the packaging feels cheap. I am even afraid that it might break pretty soon. But what can I say? I love this color and that´s kind of the reason I still love this blush.

By the way, it doesn´t say the exact color or a name on the packaging. I think there´s a list of the names on the back of the calender, but I don´t want to look there because I want it all to be kind of a suprise. If there is a list I will give you the full list on the 24th. I don´t even know if you can get this blush outside of the advent calender. I will research this, I promise.

Have a christmasy day

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