What's In My Advent Calender? #2

Hi there internet friends.

It's a sunday and there's no snow left, just boring and grey rain. Ugh, when it's winter I expect the weather to be cold and snowy and not chilly and grey. But the weather never plays my way. I've learned this years ago (yet, I' still hoping every year...)

At least I have my advent calender filled with make up. As started last sunday I will show you the products I got for every day. They're all from this brand called Boulevard which I had never heard of before. It seems that none of the products have real names and are only made for this calender. 

I did discover over the past week that it's pretty hard to open the advent calender. I always need a pen to get the product out of the plastic and to open the small doors (especially now that I have short fingernails again).

On the 2nd December this Eyeliner was behind the door. Well, it's a Kajal not a real eyeliner. It's dark black and it's really soft. I hate Kajals because I can't handle them, but this is so soft that the applying is really easy. Surprisingly, it is really well pigmented. I do love this Kajal.

The following day I was suprised with a nail polish. This color is amazing. It is kind of a nude, but it's also a bit orange and pink. It's hard to describe, actually, but it's beautiful. I don't like the texture though. It's way too thick and I can't apply it smoothly. It looks really bad on my nail. Also the brush is too thin. I don't like this as much...

This Make Up Remover Pads were hidden behind the 4th door. I don't know why they are called this. They are simple cotton pads. I see no sense here... They don't even have a side with patterns. I don't like them at all. I can buy better ones for 50 ct.

I did think that the advent calender might have been a bad idea at this time, but I got surprised once again. This red lip stick is amazing. It is really well pigmented and it has a gorgeous color that I wanted to own for a while now. Also the lipstick isn't drying my lips out. Total love.

The mascara I got is the complete opposite though. It's cheap and the brush is totally not what my eye lashes need. I can tell that it's not waterproof because it smudged a lot when I tried to wear it one day. I had to use my normal mascaras on top of this because it just didn't look good. But I didn't expect it any other way. I'm quite difficult with mascaras...

This eye shadow quattro is tiny, but the colors are really cool. They are all metallic and shimmering and all grey with a blueish touch, but they are all differently dark. As I thought they are not as well pigmented, especially the lighter ones, but it's okay. I had to layer them a bit, but for the great colors (I didn't own ones like this before) I can live with this.

Today I found this beautiful lip gloss behind the door. Wow , with the blush and the Kajal my favorite thing yet. The color is a light pink with some orange in it, I think. It' is very sheer and it mostly just gives some color definition and glitter to my lips, but that's exaclty what I needed for school in winter. Big love!

I did manage to create this eye make up for a party yesterday with the eyeshadow quattro and the Kajal. I do like this.

So far the advent calender had some great products, but also some bad. I'm looking forward to the next week!

Have a christmasy day

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