What's in My Advent Calender #4

Hi there internet friends.

How are you enjoying the holiday season so far? Just think about it this way: It's only like 80 hours until we all get to open our presents.
Nope, stop it Lisa, christmas is not about the presents, remember?
This is the last time I'm showing you what was in my advent calender, because in two days it's christmas!



The week started with this duo applicator for eye shadow. This is not exactly what I wanted. I love applying my eye shadow with brushes and I hate those applicafors. I always have hated them. My eye shadow just never looks good when I use these.

Can I just say how much I love this eye shadow quattro? Because I really do. It's alk berry and shimmery colors. They are pigmented way better than the others and I really like them  I have been thinking about getting a berry eye shadow for quite some time now.  

The sharpener behind the next door is pretty great, I have to say. I have been steeling my mom's sharpener for a while now because I have been too lazy to go and get myself one. It's just a plain and simple black sharpener, but it works and I don't need more.

I don't really now what to do with this nail file. It looks just cheap and not really trustworthy. I think it might break when I use it.

The next day I was surprised when I found this lip balm.  It looked quite cheap and felt weird when I first tried it, but it's actually quite good. It hydrates my lips well and it lasts longer than I would have expected. And that's coming from a lip addict like me.

This plain top coat is what I got yesterday. It's nothing special and I own two top coats that are better than this one. The brush is just too tiny and the polish is too liquid.

What am I supposed to do with a nail pencil in white? I know that this might be as good as the kajals, but I just don't know how to properly use this. That's my biggest problem with this nail pencil. Maybe I'm just not patient enough.

This week was kind of disappointing except for the eye shadow, the sharpener and the lip balm. I feel like this week was almost just extra stuff and not really make up. That could have been arranges otherwise, couldn't it?

Also my calender started to do this:

As I am a total perfectionist it has really started to annoy me how badly the products are to get out of the calender. Most of the calender is already ripped and it just doesn't look good anymore.
But I hope you all are excited for tuesday!       
Have a christmasy day

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