What's in My Advent Calender? #3

Hi there internet friends.

It's sunday again. Well, I'm happy that this week is almost over. It hasn't been the best week. But I am now on my way to go christmas shopping. From how excited I am for christmas you can probably tell how much I am looking forward to this.
While I am just sitting in the train I thought I would share what I found in my Advent Calender this week.

Behind the 9th door there was another eye shadow quattro. This one has more nude colors in four different shades. They are all kind of shimmery, but like the last ones not too well pigmented. I think this eye shadows are great for people who are just startimg to use make up because there's no danger to use too much of them. For more advanced people they still give a beautiful light and shimmery color to your eye.

I think this lip pencil is made to go with the lipstick from last week. It's good idea to put it inside too and I really like it. It's not the best quality, but it's good enough and it really fits good with the lipstick.

Though I have to say that a tiny mirror in this advent calender is a great idea this one is total crap. Mine is already broken and it just has been lying around. I haven't even put it in any bag yet. I'm just gonna throw this out...

I found another kohl kajal behind the next door. It's a beautiful and not too dark brown. The pencil is as great as the last one. Really smooth and well pigmented. Sadly, it looks more like a brownish red than the beautiful brown on my skin. I don't know if that's just because of my skin or if this happens with every skin... Maybe I just need to layer it a bit until it's that color?

Behind the 13th door there was a nail polish in this gorgeous red waiting for me. The color is not too dark and not too bright. I think it's perfect for a more elegant look and I would love to wear it. But just like the last nail polish I can't apply it smoothly and it just won't dry. Sometimes I start to hate this calender with all it's gorgeous colors.

Another day, another hope, another surprise. This time the calender didn't let me down. I got this double sided brush for both my eyebrows and my eyelashes. This is exactly what I still needed. It also works really well though it feels a little bit cheap in my hands. But I can handle this. The only bad thing is that my brush seems to have been put into the calender really badly because a part of it is snapped off. But again that's okay for me.

When I saw this pen behind the door today I thought "oh, no. Not another one..." But this kohl kajal is gold and just as good as the other ones are. I think this could be interesting for parties and the holisays ins general. I actually like it though it's another kajal in a very short time.

Well, to conclude this week I would say that it was mostly not so good, but it also had some awesome surprises like the brush and the golden kajal. Solid week, I would say.

Have a christmasy day

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