New Year´s Eve OOTN

Hi there internet friends.

Do you even know that my day is already almost over when you probably start reading my posts? You are asking yourself why this is important, aren´t you? Well, you shouldn´t think I am crazy when you read this: I spent almost the entire day today getting ready for New Year´s Eve. 

Dress (+belt) - Primark; Tights - H&M; Jacket - New Yorker; Shoes - Tamaris

Rings, Necklace, Bracelets - Primark; Earrings - H&M, Sixx

Kiko, Catrice, Manhatten, Maybelline, Boulevard

And this is how it looks all put together:

I am not even kidding. I got up around 11 am and then had breakfast, did some online surfing, died my hair, went to have a shower, watched a bit of tv, got dressed and did my make up. I can´t even begin to tell you how relaxing this is. Try it, just try it. It is so much fun!

What I wanted to show you in this post is my outfit for the party tonight. Because I think 2014 can be a new start for me I am welcoming this year with my finest look. That´s also the reason I went into town yesterday to do a bit of shopping for my make up. Maybe you still have no idea what to wear tonight and in that case I hope I can be a bit of an inspiration.

New Year´s Eve is probably the only time you can wear so much glitter and be way overdressed for an evening and still get away with it. I love this feeling. Oh, by the way, I actually laid the stuff I needed to get ready out like that. Not just only to show you, but for me really. I think having it organised like that makes it easier to get ready.
I am quite happy with the outcome. I think this is appropriate to say hello to a new year and a new start. I am still wishing for a midnight kiss, but that dream won´t come true. Or maybe my outfit will help me with it. We´ll see.

I wish you all a great evening with your family or your friends. Have a lot of fun and let 2013 go with a bang!

Have a wonderful day

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