Goodbye 2013!

Hi there internet friends.

There are only three days left in 2013. It´s time to look back on the year. Was it a good one or more of a bad one for you? How do you say goodbye to 2013? Are you happy to start all over in 2014 or would you prefer staying exactly like this.

Well, for me it is kind of both. I´ve had some bad experiences, but some great as well. Nevertheless, I am very grateful that 2013 is almost over. I could really use a new start and what better time than a new year? But I really want to make it right this time. I don´t just wand to say that I am starting over. I really want to do this. I´ve come up with a good plan, I think.

First of all, I will make a list of all the bad experiences I´ve had throughout the year 2013. What things did go wrong? What mistakes did I make? What could have ended better? I am pretty sure that this list will be pretty long, but I don´t care. Thinking about it can make things better. Failing my drivers test will be one of the things on that list.

Then I will also make list of all the good experiences I´ve had. What things did come out pretty good? Which things do I want to keep in 2014? What want I to be reminded of when I think about 2013? A list like this can be a great thing to remind myself of the good things that happened. Starting a blog will definitely be a point on that list. I love blogging.

I was totally motivated to do a good start last year as well. Therefore I made a list with some New Year´s resolutions at the beginning of 2013. I will take this list with me to the party as well. To just tell you: I haven´t crossed off any of those points.

I hope you understand that I won´t show this lists in their full lenght. It´s kind of private and you shouldn´t be stalkers enough to care about them. My plan is now to take all the three lists and a lighter. When the clock strikes midnight I will take out the list with the bad experiences and the last resolutions and burn them. This is pretty symbolic for letting them go and to stop worrying about them. But I can´t just start over with nothing. Somehow that´s not possible for me. So I hope that this will make things easier for me. Maybe my mind can let go when it sees those papers burn.

As soon as I am home then I will put up the list full with great experiences and hang it up somewhere where it can remind me of good times when I am a bit sad or worrying about the past again.

Well, that´s my whole plan this year. I will let you know if it actually helps. I am really excited to do this. This feels like a big step for me and I would really like a big step like this. Maybe I can really let go after this.

Have a wonderful day

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