Christmas Haul

Hi there internet friends.

I did a little bit of shopping when I was in Essen. Just a tiny little bit. Besides all the gifts for my friends and my family I also got some things for myself. Those are the things I want to show you.  

Though I was on my feet all day I just found things for myself in Lush and Primark. Now you can guess how much time I spent on my friends and my family. But at least I think everyone will love their gift from me. You have no idea how much I love giving gifts. I do love receiving them too, but the smile in my friends´ eyes whenever I give them a really sweet gift warms my heart just so much.

Ups, I got a bit emotional there. Back to what you are originally here: The shopping trip.

The least interesting thing to buy in Primark is probably this jewelry box. But it is really cute and I hope that I have any gift that I can put in there. If that´s not the case I will just put some of my own jewelry in there. I just really like this.

I also bought two new pairs of socks. I already have one pair like the left ones in another color and they are just so comfortable. I love wearing them whenever I can. They are really, really soft inside and they have a cute pattern on the outside. You wouldn´t believe how warm they keep your feet. They are seriously amaing. The right ones are not really the same because they additionally have pimples on their bottom. They are supposed to stop you from slipping. And I can tell you that I almost slip with the other pair like all the time. And those pair looks even more soft and wintery.

Look at how cute these gloves are. They look like little bears! I coulnd´t not buy them. I am sorry, but look at them! They are also very comfortable and even appropiate for riding a bike. When I am wearing them and holding a key or something it looks like a cute bear is trying to hold it with its mouth. So cute!

Because I am a bit obsessed with hats I bought this grey one with a star on the side. I don´t know why. Probably just because I thought it was great, but I´m not sure if I really like it that much. I will keep it anyway, I think. Maybe it´s great to wear and I can also just wait until next year and where it then.

I saw those earrings and I took them because I don´t really own dangling gold earrings. I think they´re not too spiky, but also not too simple. I can´t wait to find the perfect outfit to wear them with. Because that´s the one thing I don´t have yet.

Last, but maybe the best thing I picked up is this pyjama. It´s the softest thing I ever felt and oh, my god. You just have to feel it once to fall in love. I don´t think I will wear the top so much, because I don´t like my tops to be so soft, but the bottoms are so amazing. I don´t think I will wear anything else ever again!

Actually, I just went into Lush to get a present for my best friend, but I ended up buying so much more for myself. And how couldn´t I? This is the bathbomb So White which Zoella loves so much and yes, it smells amazing. Like a fruity apple with a bit of a dark hint. I am so much looking forward to trying this out.

Then I also got the Magic Wand. This smells a bit too sweet and artificial, I think, but I think it is great to create many bubbles and maybe the acutal smell when its in the bath is not as strong. I just hope it. But I am looking forward to all the bubbles! And to use this more than only one time.

Tanya Burr recommended this face mask in one of her latest videos for skin that tends to break outs. My skin definitely does that and a shop assistend also said that this mask would be perfect then. I don´t really love the smell of this one either. It´s a little bit too minty, but I am okay with this as long as it is working. Since it is from Lush I trust that this will actually work. And though I am not the biggest fan of the smell I am happy even thinking about using this.

This Lip Scrub which is Popcorn scented makes me equally happy. I haven´t owned a lip peeling yet (think of that and how obsessed I am with my lip care. Doesn´t make much sense, does it?) and I definitely needed one especially now in the winter. And this tastes exactly like Popcorn. How did they do this? My lip care makes even more fun now. My lips really feel great after this. I love it!

As you can see I am very happy with my buyings. I don´t even know what else to tell you. If anyone wants to now the price of anything just write it down in the comments. I then will have to search for my recipts again. I have them somewhere, but I don´t really know where.

Have a christmasy day

P.S.: It´s only one weekend until Christmas. My excitement is taking over my mind.

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