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Hi there internet friends.

I hope you have spent a lovely Christmas Eve yesterday. I am feeling not really well today and I don´t have a big giveaway for you guys (just remember that I started blogging in September!).  But I thought I´d share my overall opinion of my advent calender and the last two surprises with you.

Another eyeshadow quattro was hidden behind the 23rd door. This time it´s just nude colors. The a bit darker ones are a little orange and yellow. I have enough of this colors already and I feel like the quality of this quattro is especially bad. I wouldn´t really put those colors on.

This bronzer was the big surprise behind the last door. I was quite disappointed about that. The bronzer is not the worst quality, but definitely not dark enough. It has almost the same color as my daily powder and you can´t see anything when I apply this (except from the fact that I look totally cakey).

All in all I was disappointed most of the time. I don´t think buying this calender was really worth it. I have five favorites which are the blusher, the berry quattro, the lip balm, the black kajal and the sharpener, but I don´t really need the rest. 

The quality is really cheap and the things are hard to get out of the carton. I think the thing that disappointed me the most is the big surprise behind the 24th door. I can´t do anything with this bronzer and that last door is all you work for the days before. There should be something better inside the calender there.

Also, as I mentioned on sunday the things could have been arranged better within the calender. A week that almost just serves you tools is not the real deal. And couldn´t there have been a cheap brush in there? Instead of the duo applicator, for example. I think this calender is more made for people who have no idea about make up and are just starting up.

Next year I will spent a bit more money and get a better advent calender that acutally makes me smile. 

Have a wonderful (rest-) christmas time!

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