What happened to those weekends?

Hi there internet friends.

Firstly, I am very, very sorry to not have uploaded a new blog post yesterday. I had it pretty much planned to just show you some of the photos I took while I was in Switzerland because I think some of them are amazing, but everything got kind of stressful yesterday and I didn´t even have the chance to open my laptop. Well, me sleeping for an hour instead of getting ready might have been the problem...

Second of all, I see that there are regular 2 or 3 views on my posts. Does that mean I have regular readers? That would be pretty exciting! Leave a comment or tweet me something (@Following_Lisa) if you like. I would love to talk to you special someone´s out there who read all the stuff that my head produces.

Shall we move on to the topic of this post? I think so.

I´ve been thinking a lot today and I´ve been wondering what exactly happened to my weekends. Some time ago weekends had all been fun and chilling out. Maybe hanging with some friends or having dancing classes or rehearsals or performances. But nowadays my weekends don´t seem like my weekends anymore. I don´t have the time to chill out even though that´s the only thing I really want to do.

I have to do all the homework I wasn´t able to get done within the week because I was too busy. I have to prepare presentations for my classes. I have to organise everything. And that´s just the stuff I have to do for school. There are also some things I just want to do for myself like writing a bit or organising the folders on my laptop again or finally get into blogging more and find some more blogs to read.

But no, if I´d to all of that I would have no time to chill at all. And I love to chill (maybe I love it a bit too much...) and I need my sleep! Basically, I can either get my life organised or I can chill. That´s not the weekend I want!

I don´t have a solution for this. The thing I do right now is taking small steps for each thing. I am doing my homework and then I can watch anothe episode of Friends. Then I write a bit and then I can watch two new Youtube videos. After I´ve written a page then I can get something to eat and chill a bit in front of the TV. I do bits and bops here and there and try to chill in between. I can tell you this is not really the best thing to do. 

At the end of the weekend I haven´t done everything I would have wanted and that bothers me until the next weekend where I then proceed to do the exact same thing over again. That´s not right and I need to change that. Does anyone have a solution

I think the best thing would be to just take the saturday to get everything done and then chill out on sunday, but somehow I can´t get myself to do that. Maybe next weekend...

Have a wonderful day

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