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Hi there internet friends.

I´m so damn tired. Two nights spend with friends may not be the best idea though it is a lot of fun. For you, I´m still writing his blog post though I´m tired as hell. But it is nothing really special, just another tag (I´m not capable of doing more than that today). 
I´ve seen this tag going around on Youtube a while back and always wanted to answer this questions myself. I haven´t gotten to upgrade my blog design nor to read more blogs over my vacation so I can´t tag anyone right now, but if you want to do this tag, then just go on. It´s fun!

Make up
Blush or bronzer? 
          Blush. I can´t really handle bronzer yet and it ends up looking funny on my face...
Lip gloss or lipstick?

          Lip gloss. Though I like my new lipsticks, I like the sheer formula of a lip gloss
          better for a school day.
Eye liner or mascara?

          Mascara. My eyes do look quite funny with just eye liner on.
Foundation or concealer?

          Concealer. I tend to only use concealer when I´m in a hurry either way. It covers 
          up my red spots way better.
Neutral or color eye shadow?
          Neutral. I prefer a subtle spot on my eyes over too much color. And neutral is easier
          to wear in school.
Pressed or loose eye shadows?
          Pressed. I never had loose eye shadows, so I can´t really tell about that, but I think
          that loose eye shadows may be a bit harder to apply.
Brushes or sponges?
          Brushes. And my fingers. I just find brushes way easier than sponges. I don´t know

OPI or china glaze?

          Never had any of those, so I don´t know.
Long or short?

          I like a middle length for nails. Not too short to wear nail polish, but not too long to
          be able to touch stuff.
Acrylic or natural?
          Natural. I simply like the natural look more.
Brights or darks?

          Both. It is kind of a season and mood thing with me...
Flower or no flower?

           No flower. I don´t have any explanation for this...

Perfume or body splash?

          Perfume. I love perfume especially in the winter. In the summer I wear lighter 
          perfumes, but still perfumes.
Lotion or body butter? 
          Both. I can´t decide between two awesome things, sorry.
Body wash or soap?

          Body wash. I don´t really like the feeling that soap leaves on my skin.
Lush or other bath company?

          Lush, definitely. I love Lush!

Jeans or sweat pants?

          Sweat pants. And jeans. I like jeans for a normal day better, but sweat pants for
         afternoons by myself.
Long sleeve or short?

          Long sleeve. But I always push them up until they´re about as long as my elbows...
Dresses or skirts?

          Dresses. Which girl doesn´t like to wear nice dresses?
Stripes or plaid? 

          Stripes. They bring a bit more to an outfit and I then don´t need that much accessoires.
Flip flops or sandals? 

          Flip flops. I wear them in summer all the time. 
Scarves or hats?

          Scarves. Most hats are ruining my hair, so I have to include them in my hairstyle 
          and that takes too long most days.
Studs or dangly earrings? 
          Depends on my mood and my outfit.
Necklaces or bracelets? 

          Necklaces. I hate big bracelets when I have to write a lot. They are just often in 
          the way.
Heels or flats? 

          Heels. How gorgeous are heels? And they make my legs look a bit thinner and give 
          me more confidence.
Cowboy boots or riding boots?
          Cowboy boots. I just think they look nicer and are easier to style.
Jacket or hoodie?

           Hoodie. A hoodie is just so cozy and warm all the time.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?

           Forever 21. I like their clothes more.
Abercombie or Hollister?

           Hollister. I love their perfumes though I don´t own any of them, but they smell 
Saks 5th or Nordstrom?

           Neither. Never had anything from either one.

Curly or straight?

          Curly. I would love to have curly hair or at least hair that tends to curls, but mine is
          totally straight.
Bun or ponytail?

           Ponytail. It looks better and it is not as easy destroyed as a bun.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips?

           Bobby pins. I am used to bobby pins and think they´re easier to handle and more 
Hair spray or gel?

           Hair spray. I hate gel in my hair. It makes them look greasy.
Long or short?

           Both. There are hairstyles for both lengths that I really adore.
Light or dark?

           Dark. I think darker hair frames a face more.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs?

           Full bangs. But not on myself. I hate that I had myself get bangs a few months back.
Up or down?

            Down. In most cases it looks better because you don´t look like diva then.

Rain or shine?

           Shine. Though rain has a calming effect on me, but I like to be outside in shine 
Summer or winter?

           Summer. Though both have their advantages. But summer always lightens my 
Fall or spring? 

           Fall. I love the colors of the leaves.
Chocolate or vanilla?

           Chocolate. But Vanilla Latte.
East coast or west coast?

            West coast. I don´t have an explanation here.

I hope you somehow found this tag interesting or something like this. I like answering tag questions so much. It really is a lot of fun.

Have a wonderful day

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