Swiss Alps - Impressions

Hi there internet friends.

As I said yesterday, I was thinking of  showing you some pictures from my classtrip to Switzerland. Honestly, I can´t remember where exaclty I took which picture (I don´t even know where exactly we where staying).

It was totally hard to not show you every single picture I took, but eventually I had to decide on some (still 19, but I couldn´t show you less...)


Yep, it was kind of muddy that day...

Yay, snow!

Isn´t that just beautiful?

I am still pretty amazed about the views I saw. They are just breathtaking!

And I have to say that we got a good mixture of weather conditions in the week we stayed. First it was kind of cold and grey, it then got foggy and even colder until it was snowing up in 1500 metres, but in the end we had two days of total sun. I even got sunburned on one shoulder (what a fun memory...)

I would definitely recommend visiting the Swiss Alps if you are into hiking of any kind. If you are not getting as unlucky as we were that one muddy day you can get amazing views. But I recommend not to take your biology teacher with you. They are explaining too much plants, believe me. And take friends with you to make the hiking fun. You don´t have to have seen this views before you die, but who would say no to this? If you want, you can give it a try!

Have a wonderful day

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