November Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

November is almost over and that means December is near. Who isn´t just the least bit excited? (I know I asked you that question two days ago, but I´m just over-excited!) There´s no better timing to show you some of my favorites for this month. Here we go:

I bought the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 15 just this month, but it´s already my favorite. It costs a little bit more than the concealer I used before this, but this is so worth the money. It really covers everything up and I can even wear this with just BB Cream under it. It just blends in with my skin so naturally as if it´s almost not there and it still has this awesome coverage which I definitely need. I love it!

First of all, there is this gorgeous lila pinkish nail polish called Angora Cardi by Essie. I´m not totally sure about this, but I think it is one of the standard range of products. The color is a little bit darker, which is perfect for autumn/winter, but still has some color in it. It is not as boring as other dark or neutral shades that are mostly worn in autumn and winter. I´ve over loved this nail polish. I think my friends already hate this color. ;)

The easiest thing for me to wear this month was the Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need!. It´s really easy to apply since it´s really like a pen and it really stays in the inner corner of my eye unlike eye shadow. I wouldn´t recommend using it on the waterline though. It has some big glitter pigments which hurt when you close the eye. Just use this on your brow bone and in your inner eye corner and your eye make up is ready!

Then I´ve also loved the perfume Nude by Rihanna so, so much. I´ve already described the smell of it in my Huge Berlin Haul. I know it´s not empty enough for me saying I loved it. May explain to you: I love it so much that I don´t want to use too much of it or use it too often. It might be empty way too soon! I´ve mostly worn this for party nights or birthday parties. It´s really great for night times because it smells a little bit darker than you would wear daytime.

When I wasn´t wearing my highlighter pen I was wearing my Mac eyeshadow in the shade Texture. It´s this nice and subtle brown with not much glitter. I feel like it just contures my eye beautifully just so that I don´t look to plain and simple in my make up. But it´s still not too much. I don´t think we even need to talk about the quality of this eye shadow. It´s amazing!

Well, I don´t have anything more for you, but I want to be honest with you guys and that´s it for me this month (except for the things I wear everyday either way). Maybe you want to try something out for the christmas time? Let me know :)

Have a wonderful day

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