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Hi there internet friends.

Well, I had planned a new schedule for  my blogposts: My Face Mondays, another one on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but I´m a little bit stressed right now because of school and work, so I can´t promise anything this week. I will try to have another post up tomorrow.

I thought I´d put an easy post up today: my usual haircare. Just to clear this up from the start, I don´t wash my hair everyday. This is my routine for every second day.

First up, I wash my hair. The products I use for it are a shampoo with herbal extracts which my hairdresser suggested for my hair because I tend to have greasy and scabby hair really fast. My shampoo is by Mildeen, but I use any herbal shampoo. I just pick one up when I need a new one. Every time I wash my hair I also use a hair rinse. I tend to use one with a moisturizing effect because my ends are really frizzy and they are clearly missing some moisturizing. This one I currently use is by Balea. I don´t have a lot of standard products, as you can tell by now. I always use products that have the same function, but not always re-buy the exact same product.

Sometimes I use this conditioner from the rainforest shine series by The Body Shop instead of my hair rinse. It is also supposed to moisturize the hair and to give it a great shine. I think it helps, but I can´t tell for sure. I haven´t used it for a long time yet.

After washing my hair I put it up in a bun to have my face free for applying make up and all the stuff. Then I put my hair down and use some heat protection, because I blow dry my hair almost every time since I love showers in the morning and hate them in the evening. My current heat protection is by Balea, but I´m not happy with it. I just try to use it up to get a new one. I hate throwing stuff out that is almost full, but this heat protection just makes my hair really heavy and stringy.

Since my hair is really thick it has no real volume at the roots and because it is really sleek it has almost no texture at the roots. To get some volume up and to have more texture at the roots I use this volumising spray mousse by Schwarzkopf Got2B. It is like a normal mousse, but you can spray it directly at your roots which is totally handy for me. I then massage it in just a bit. I really, really like the smell of it!

Before  blow dry my hair, I brush it with this large plastic brush I bought at Primark. I can´t comlain about the quality and it is great for my thick hair. I don´t have to fight with any knots or anything.

My blow dryer is by Philips and it´s the Salon Dry Active with Ion technology which, at least according to my mind, is better for my hair. But I don´t know if that´s just a trick of my brain. I have not a lot of time in the morning, but I always try to blow dry my hair with full heat, but not that much power. The lesser the power the better the spray mousse can do its power. But sometimes I have to rush and then I have no time for low power.

Lastly, I use a hair oil to catch small hairs flying around and to give my hair some shine. This Oil Repair Hair Oil by Balea is also supposed to repair my hair, but I can´t see anything of the repairing. But everything else the hair oil is great at. Always be careful with hair oil and just use one pump, two if totally necessary, and just put it in your ends. Otherwise your hair will look totally greasy in the end and then all the washing doesn´t pay. As a trick I heat up the oil in my hands by rubbing them together before putting it on my hair. This makes it more effective.

That´s basically all I do every second day. The other day I just normally brush and style my hair after applying make up. My hair doesn´t always do everything I want and it certainly doesn´t always look good (especially after riding my bike with a lot of wind going on), but I´m pretty happy with it. My hairdresser always tells me that my hair is too tended and that´s why it has no real texture, but I can´t help it. I´d rather have overly tended hair than totally messy hair.

It is important that this steps might work really good for my hair, but they don´t have to work for your hair too. It is always a thing of texture and length and thickness of hair to tell which care the hair needs. Almost ever hair is as different as a person is from another. So try around and find your perfect haircare.

Have a wonderful day

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