Lip Lust

Hi there internet friends.

I am kind of obsessed with my lips. I hate it when they are not moisturized enough, it´s driving me crazy. That´s why I always have a lip balm in my hand bag. I wouldn´t survive otherwise.

All of this is a huge mistake made by no one else but myself.  I just want to tell you my tiny story so that you won´t make the same mistake!

Well, it all started when I was born: I had lips. Fast forward seventeen years and I am sitting in bed watching "How I Met Your Mother." And then I get bored and take the lip balm next to my bed which I apply. But I end up eating something and having the feeling of dry lips again. To get rid of that feeling I apply a new layer of lip balm and then again and again and again and again.

It has come so far that I can´t live a day without lip balm. I even hate the feeling of dry lips against eachother, but at the same time I am always losing my lip balms and finding them a day later. It all leads to me going to school with dry lips on a few days. These days literally kill me. I can´t stop licking and biting my lips so that they feel more smooth for the moment. All that does in the end is make them even more dry and putting them in a really bad shape.

I hate how much I am obsessed with my lips and now that the weather is getting colder and the wind is becoming steadier I think I need a lip balm that can do a lot more than just moisturize. Maybe one that keeps my lips moisturized longer than it is actually on my lips.

Instead of buying my usual cheap lip balms (which were always enough for me) by Balea I decided to buy the Maybelline Baby Lips for Hydrating today. I just really hope that this will help. Otherwise I might have to get my hands on Burt´s Bee´s lip balms.

Lastly, I want to ask you if you know any other lip care products that may help me. I would appreciate every kind of help here. And I want to remind you that you can´t let it go that far. It is bad for your lips because they get more dry if you use too much products and it gets hard on you if you always have to apply lip balm. By the way, not having this obsession is definitely good for your money.

Have a wonderful day

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