I didn´t even want to buy those things...

Hi there internet friends.

Do you know these days where you need to buy things that you didn´t even want to buy? Well, I pretty much do and today was one of those days. I had to go into the city today because I am such a lucky human being that I accidently destroyed the zip of my favorite and only winterjacket. Pretty luck, huh? I wanted to ask a tailor if it was possible to repair it and yay!, because it is! I just have to freeze for two days, but I can manage that... I think.

Anyway, while I was on my way I remembered that I needed a new leggings and razor blades. Since I was on my way I thougt I could pick them up. Well, that didn´t go so well. Here´s what I bought:

I did pick up a leggings from H&M. It is wool blend what I love to wear under a normal jeans when the weather gets as cold as it is right now. It´s just this totally comfy and warm feeling. And I simply just own one other of those, so a second one was necessary. Also the wool blend ones don´t scratch!

When I was standing in line I couldn´t look aways from this totally awesome sock combo. One pair is this red and white design and the other is a simple gray one. Both of them would look great with wintery shoes and sticking out of them a little.

In the drugstore I picked up a new/old Essie nail polish. I´ve seen it before and I think it was while being in Switzerland, but I couln´t get it anywhere here until now. It´s called For The Twill Of It and part of the Russian Roulette limited edition. I just love how it is green, blue, and has a slightly metallic shimmer. I think it´s a great nail polish for winter.

I´ve been eyeing this P2 24 Hours Perfect Eye Shadow Cream for a little while now. I think the color is so damn pretty. It´s something rose, but totally creamy and has a soft glimmer and is just very subtle on the eye.  I got the color 050 Happy Me and yes, this makes me happy. As you can see in the swatch it is also very glittery. When you blend it you can almost only see the glitter, but it gives a hint of this rose color to your lid and I think it is a great base.

Also I picked up this Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen for the inner corners of my eye. I think it is very hard to have eye shadow there because it tends to get into my eye. When I rub it, it is all gone. This one is not only made to stay longer, but it isn´t getting into my eye this fast. It´s the color 030 Eye Need! and it´s shaped like a pen. The applying is very easy and the almost white but totally glittery pen is very well pigmented. Also the color is very subtle when it isn´t held right into the light, but it still does its job.

I´m cursed: I can´t want past rose gold colors. And this Liquid Metal Eye Shadow by Catrice just has the perfect color. It is also well pigmented and the color is very light and mosty glitter, but you can build it up so that it leaves a dark hint of color. I think it is a great combination to the Eye Shadow Cream. By the way, the name Guns´n´Roses is also beautiful.

Of course, I got some new razors too. I haven´t tried them out yet, but I do have a Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women razor and I like it because it does have some kind of secure handling. The razor blades to have those tiny bars crossing the blades so that you don´t cut yourself that easily. That´s pretty great for someone like me who´s always doing those kinds of stuff to themselves. 

I want to try out depilatory cream for my legs this winter. I hate shaving regularly in the winter and maybe this will help a little bit. We will see. Anyway, I got the sensitive one by Veet because I was told that it was good and Veet is a kind of famous brand for this kind of stuff. I just really hope this works.

While being in a drugstore I remembered that my eye make up remover is almost empty so I got a new one. This one is by Maybelline Jáde and it´s specialised for waterproof make up. I have one by Nivea right now, but I´m not 100% happy with it,  so I wanted to try something different.

I also picked up a new mask against spots by Garnier. I hope this one will work, but I´m not sure. I love masks for rainy days either way and I will definitely give this one a try.

Lastly, I bought these honey waffles because I was simply hungry. I thought they´d be really delicious, because what could be better than a combination of honey and waffles? But it turns out that they´re not as yummy as they sound. I don´t really like them... But I ate them anyway ;)

I do have to say that I hate going into the city and buying stuff I don´t need but at the same time that it feels somehow good to buy stuff. I just swear that I won´t go into the city until the end of the month and everything will be fine, won´t it?

Have a wonderful day

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