Good Places To Store Jewelry

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Recently I discovered that I have way too much jewelry that I don´t really wear that often. I have some favorite earrings and a few necklaces that I wear regularly, but I keep forgetting about bracelets and all the other stuff. Somehow I still buy new jewelry all the time and I´m kind of running out of places to store it. But my best friend and my grandmother both seemed to had the same plan. For last christmas and my last birthday I got storage places for my jewelry.

For christmas my grandmother got me those two storage places. Both are made of plastic. One is specialized for earrings with a lot of holes and another one that looks almost like a T and can hold a lot of necklaces as long as they are not too long. I like both of them very much and they really do their job great. I think they even look good when you place them nicely. This way I always have a reminder what jewelry I own and what I could wear on a day because before that I only used the things I had been wearing the day before since that was the jewelry lying around.

My mother joked from the beginning that I wouldn´t use the storage space for my earrings because studs are not as easy to put in there as just putting them into one big box. But it turns out that I am still using this storage space and I love it because I don´t lose earrings that easily and I always have them in pairs together and don´t have to search for the second one. The storage space for necklaces is also very easy to use as long as the necklaces are not too long. For my long necklaces I don´t like it as much. I have to wrap them around a few times until they are short enough and that is not always the best thing to do. But still it is better than having to disentagle them everytime I want to wear one.

My best friend also made this whole storage place for bracelets, chains and rings for my birthday. She had help from her grandfather who put together the outside box, but she came up with the idea and decorated it really sweet. 

In the three little boxes I can put all my bracelets. I have one box for pearl bracelets, one for metallic bracelets and one for all the other ones. Then on the side there is a little collage of me and my best friend and a small tree that can hold most of my rings. When I get some new rings I will have to buy another tree by myself, but I know a shop called Nanu Nana that has some very similar to this one.  And in the top of the box there are some sticks to put on other bracelets or necklaces. When I run out of space for all my necklaces on my other storage place this is where I will put the new ones. 

I could hang the whole box on my wall, but I think it looks better standind together with the other two. I love my best friend so much for this present. I think it is really sweet and totally fitting in any room with the dark color. So it´s not only a storage place, but also a decoration for my room.

If you want to have something like those storage places, you can get ones similar to my first ones on Amazon or in any shop that sells decoration. The second one is obviously not available to buy, but you can rebuild it very easily.

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