Getting ready for the night of nights

Hi there internet friends.

Okay, it is not really the "night of nights", but I just keep getting this song stuck in my head as soon as I say/think/read "getting ready". Maybe I should stop watching old Musicals that I´m way too old for.

Anyway, I had a special occasion this weekend. A good friend of mine celebrated his 18th Birthday which is pretty special here because that´s when we can basically do whatever we want. I´m excited for my 18th next April. I thought I´d share my schedule of getting ready and some personal tips with you. This isn´t necessarly for a birthday, but for any special occasion whatever that might be for you.

1) Start on time

Be aware that the real preparation for such a special event starts nearly a week earlier. If you want to look perfect you should prepare your body for that a little bit every day. On that day itself start definitely on time. I started two hours before I had to go and that was enough time for me, but if you want to make a real special hairstyle you might need longer. Also try to start with whatever you can prepare e.g. chosing what you want to wear really early. This decisions take some time.

2) Have a Feel Good Shower

Take all the more expensive stuff you bought and saved for special occasions and have a really nice shower. You have to get out of the shower smiling! I also shaved my legs because my hairs grow really fast. Even though I was wearing long trousers I shaved my legs because it makes me feel a little bit more sexy. Don´t worry about time right here. You´re parents/roommates might get annoyed, but who cares? This preparation is all about you feeling great for an event that is important to you. The others don´t have to understand that.

3) Get dressed

If you are perfect, you already have all your stuff lying in front of the shower and can just jump into it as soon as you are dry. I like to wear the clothes for the evening this early, but it depends on you. You can also put this step at the end. I just feel like I can chose my make up and hairstyle easier when I´m in the mood and also my clothes feel more comfortable after having worn them for some time.

4) Pampering Session

You´re skin should look perfect on a special event like this. So use a face mask and ly down for fifteen minutes and just relax for a bit. Do whatever you need to feel really great, but don´t forget to use body lotion (preferably before you really wear your trousers ;) ). I also plucked my eyebrows because they needed it.  You have full control here. Use all the products that make you feel sexy and good and make your skin smooth.

5) Make Up

Choose your make up wisely. Don´t go for too much just because it is a special night. I was overdoing my make up for such special events for a long time and always looking like an idiot. That´s a feeling you don´t want to get on a night like this. Just go with something you´ve already worn or try the look you want to wear a few days earlier. Improvising is definitely not the best idea.

6) Hair

Depending on the time you have and what you like you can go for any hairstyle you want to. But be a little bit careufl. An elegant hairdo might not be the best idea for a party and a really cool hairdo not the best idea for an elegant evening. And if you like your hair when it is dried, then just leave it like this. Here goes the same as with the make up: Don´t overdo anything.

7) Accesoires

I always think accessoires are an important thing when you´re getting ready. Choose the things you  are comfortable with and match them together before wearing them. Again they should also fit the style of the evening you are going to have. 

And then you´re ready! 

In the end, you are the one who is having this special night and you should be happy with what you look and you should definitely feel great. Don´t overthink anything, you are maybe not going to find the love of your life in that night, but you are going to have fun!
When it comes to your outfit, make up, hair and accessoires you can make your own choices and be totally creative. All of this depends on the event you are attending. And now go and have fun getting ready or planning everything because this is what all of this is about.

Have a wonderful day

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