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Unexpected and soon the snowy season of all the presents and the sweet decorations is upon us. It´s almost december and that means christmas time is about to start. Who isn´t excited about this?

But christmas time always brings the job to buy presents with it. Personally, I do love giving and thinking about presents. I like to be really creative when it comes to this. But there are all kinds of people on the planet and not everyone might be as creative when it comes to gifts as I am.

A friend of mine was born on the 1st of December and until yesterday we tried to figure out what to buy him. One of the ideas we had was a fun advent calender. I think that´s a pretty great idea for a christmas present as well. If you are still worrying about that one friend/parent/grandparent that you absolutely have no idea what to give, why not make them a last minute advent calender?

It is as easy as it can be. There are thousands of possibilities to create an advent calender. If you are a very creative and loving person you can write a sweet little note for every day leading up to christmas or paint something on a small piece on paper.  Or you go into the city and try to get some fun things that are not very expensive (maybe you can get some free samples for products) and pack them into tiny boxes or wrap each of them up.

When you are not that creative you can always just google for advent calenders that can be created online. You will find a lot of different ones there. For some you have to pay a little bit, other ones are free. Some need you to be a bit creative or have a lot of pictures and others are just automatically done. You will definitely find the right one there. The best thing about the online calenders is that you don´t necessarily have to have all of it filled before the 1st of December. You can also fill it throughout December.

 It´s not necessarily the amount of money you spend on this project than more the fun advent calender bring. The small surprise you get every morning is the best thing in the world and if you can count down the days to christmas with little gifts or sweet thoughts it´s kind of a rush.

Of course you have to give the person a link or the real advent calender on the 1st of December or on the 29th of November. Otherwise they would have to open all presents at once on Christmas and that´s not the way this is supposed to be. Also think of two a little bit bigger presents for the 6th and the 24th. Even if you just write sweet notes you can put a nail polish in the little box (or whatever you decide to use) too. It´s like a small extra present and it´s totally cute.

The best thing about this present is definitive how unique it is. It will come across really creative even if you aren´t and especially women love it when gifts are creative. Maybe this is a great tip for the men out there.

Have a wonderful day

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