November Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

November is almost over and that means December is near. Who isn´t just the least bit excited? (I know I asked you that question two days ago, but I´m just over-excited!) There´s no better timing to show you some of my favorites for this month. Here we go:

I bought the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 15 just this month, but it´s already my favorite. It costs a little bit more than the concealer I used before this, but this is so worth the money. It really covers everything up and I can even wear this with just BB Cream under it. It just blends in with my skin so naturally as if it´s almost not there and it still has this awesome coverage which I definitely need. I love it!

First of all, there is this gorgeous lila pinkish nail polish called Angora Cardi by Essie. I´m not totally sure about this, but I think it is one of the standard range of products. The color is a little bit darker, which is perfect for autumn/winter, but still has some color in it. It is not as boring as other dark or neutral shades that are mostly worn in autumn and winter. I´ve over loved this nail polish. I think my friends already hate this color. ;)

The easiest thing for me to wear this month was the Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need!. It´s really easy to apply since it´s really like a pen and it really stays in the inner corner of my eye unlike eye shadow. I wouldn´t recommend using it on the waterline though. It has some big glitter pigments which hurt when you close the eye. Just use this on your brow bone and in your inner eye corner and your eye make up is ready!

Then I´ve also loved the perfume Nude by Rihanna so, so much. I´ve already described the smell of it in my Huge Berlin Haul. I know it´s not empty enough for me saying I loved it. May explain to you: I love it so much that I don´t want to use too much of it or use it too often. It might be empty way too soon! I´ve mostly worn this for party nights or birthday parties. It´s really great for night times because it smells a little bit darker than you would wear daytime.

When I wasn´t wearing my highlighter pen I was wearing my Mac eyeshadow in the shade Texture. It´s this nice and subtle brown with not much glitter. I feel like it just contures my eye beautifully just so that I don´t look to plain and simple in my make up. But it´s still not too much. I don´t think we even need to talk about the quality of this eye shadow. It´s amazing!

Well, I don´t have anything more for you, but I want to be honest with you guys and that´s it for me this month (except for the things I wear everyday either way). Maybe you want to try something out for the christmas time? Let me know :)

Have a wonderful day

Christmas Gift Idea

Hi there internet friends.

Unexpected and soon the snowy season of all the presents and the sweet decorations is upon us. It´s almost december and that means christmas time is about to start. Who isn´t excited about this?

But christmas time always brings the job to buy presents with it. Personally, I do love giving and thinking about presents. I like to be really creative when it comes to this. But there are all kinds of people on the planet and not everyone might be as creative when it comes to gifts as I am.

A friend of mine was born on the 1st of December and until yesterday we tried to figure out what to buy him. One of the ideas we had was a fun advent calender. I think that´s a pretty great idea for a christmas present as well. If you are still worrying about that one friend/parent/grandparent that you absolutely have no idea what to give, why not make them a last minute advent calender?

It is as easy as it can be. There are thousands of possibilities to create an advent calender. If you are a very creative and loving person you can write a sweet little note for every day leading up to christmas or paint something on a small piece on paper.  Or you go into the city and try to get some fun things that are not very expensive (maybe you can get some free samples for products) and pack them into tiny boxes or wrap each of them up.

When you are not that creative you can always just google for advent calenders that can be created online. You will find a lot of different ones there. For some you have to pay a little bit, other ones are free. Some need you to be a bit creative or have a lot of pictures and others are just automatically done. You will definitely find the right one there. The best thing about the online calenders is that you don´t necessarily have to have all of it filled before the 1st of December. You can also fill it throughout December.

 It´s not necessarily the amount of money you spend on this project than more the fun advent calender bring. The small surprise you get every morning is the best thing in the world and if you can count down the days to christmas with little gifts or sweet thoughts it´s kind of a rush.

Of course you have to give the person a link or the real advent calender on the 1st of December or on the 29th of November. Otherwise they would have to open all presents at once on Christmas and that´s not the way this is supposed to be. Also think of two a little bit bigger presents for the 6th and the 24th. Even if you just write sweet notes you can put a nail polish in the little box (or whatever you decide to use) too. It´s like a small extra present and it´s totally cute.

The best thing about this present is definitive how unique it is. It will come across really creative even if you aren´t and especially women love it when gifts are creative. Maybe this is a great tip for the men out there.

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #4

Hi there internet friends.

Woah, this is already the forth week since I started the My Face Mondays. Where has time gone? If you see time tell her I want some more of her. I was feeling very sick today. Maybe my body is telling me that a weekend full of work, homework, presentation preperation and two performances isn´t right... I did forget blush today and I definitely don´t look my best. But I wanted to give you a My Face Monday either way. Oh, you´ve forgotten what My Face Mondays are about? Here´s a little reminder:

I will show you guys my face of the day every monday. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

I won´t search for more excuses for me not looking well anymore. Just go and see for yourself ;)

 Products I used:
Face -> Catrice BB Allround Foundation in 010 Light Beige, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Catrice All Matt Plus Powder in 015 Natural Beige
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, P2 24 hours Perfect Eye Shadow Cream in 050 Happy Me, Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need!, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof
Lips -> P2 Sheer Glam Lipstick in 070 Pretty Woman

I also did this thing with my new socks today. I think this looks totally adorable and I wanted to show it to you guys (though you must have seen this a thousand times on the street now.) I never found the right socks to wear it like this until last week.

I´m gonna go and heat up some water for a hot-water bag right now. It´s just that cold again... brrr.

Have a wonderful day

Swiss Alps - Impressions

Hi there internet friends.

As I said yesterday, I was thinking of  showing you some pictures from my classtrip to Switzerland. Honestly, I can´t remember where exaclty I took which picture (I don´t even know where exactly we where staying).

It was totally hard to not show you every single picture I took, but eventually I had to decide on some (still 19, but I couldn´t show you less...)


Yep, it was kind of muddy that day...

Yay, snow!

Isn´t that just beautiful?

I am still pretty amazed about the views I saw. They are just breathtaking!

And I have to say that we got a good mixture of weather conditions in the week we stayed. First it was kind of cold and grey, it then got foggy and even colder until it was snowing up in 1500 metres, but in the end we had two days of total sun. I even got sunburned on one shoulder (what a fun memory...)

I would definitely recommend visiting the Swiss Alps if you are into hiking of any kind. If you are not getting as unlucky as we were that one muddy day you can get amazing views. But I recommend not to take your biology teacher with you. They are explaining too much plants, believe me. And take friends with you to make the hiking fun. You don´t have to have seen this views before you die, but who would say no to this? If you want, you can give it a try!

Have a wonderful day

What happened to those weekends?

Hi there internet friends.

Firstly, I am very, very sorry to not have uploaded a new blog post yesterday. I had it pretty much planned to just show you some of the photos I took while I was in Switzerland because I think some of them are amazing, but everything got kind of stressful yesterday and I didn´t even have the chance to open my laptop. Well, me sleeping for an hour instead of getting ready might have been the problem...

Second of all, I see that there are regular 2 or 3 views on my posts. Does that mean I have regular readers? That would be pretty exciting! Leave a comment or tweet me something (@Following_Lisa) if you like. I would love to talk to you special someone´s out there who read all the stuff that my head produces.

Shall we move on to the topic of this post? I think so.

I´ve been thinking a lot today and I´ve been wondering what exactly happened to my weekends. Some time ago weekends had all been fun and chilling out. Maybe hanging with some friends or having dancing classes or rehearsals or performances. But nowadays my weekends don´t seem like my weekends anymore. I don´t have the time to chill out even though that´s the only thing I really want to do.

I have to do all the homework I wasn´t able to get done within the week because I was too busy. I have to prepare presentations for my classes. I have to organise everything. And that´s just the stuff I have to do for school. There are also some things I just want to do for myself like writing a bit or organising the folders on my laptop again or finally get into blogging more and find some more blogs to read.

But no, if I´d to all of that I would have no time to chill at all. And I love to chill (maybe I love it a bit too much...) and I need my sleep! Basically, I can either get my life organised or I can chill. That´s not the weekend I want!

I don´t have a solution for this. The thing I do right now is taking small steps for each thing. I am doing my homework and then I can watch anothe episode of Friends. Then I write a bit and then I can watch two new Youtube videos. After I´ve written a page then I can get something to eat and chill a bit in front of the TV. I do bits and bops here and there and try to chill in between. I can tell you this is not really the best thing to do. 

At the end of the weekend I haven´t done everything I would have wanted and that bothers me until the next weekend where I then proceed to do the exact same thing over again. That´s not right and I need to change that. Does anyone have a solution

I think the best thing would be to just take the saturday to get everything done and then chill out on sunday, but somehow I can´t get myself to do that. Maybe next weekend...

Have a wonderful day

I didn´t even want to buy those things...

Hi there internet friends.

Do you know these days where you need to buy things that you didn´t even want to buy? Well, I pretty much do and today was one of those days. I had to go into the city today because I am such a lucky human being that I accidently destroyed the zip of my favorite and only winterjacket. Pretty luck, huh? I wanted to ask a tailor if it was possible to repair it and yay!, because it is! I just have to freeze for two days, but I can manage that... I think.

Anyway, while I was on my way I remembered that I needed a new leggings and razor blades. Since I was on my way I thougt I could pick them up. Well, that didn´t go so well. Here´s what I bought:

I did pick up a leggings from H&M. It is wool blend what I love to wear under a normal jeans when the weather gets as cold as it is right now. It´s just this totally comfy and warm feeling. And I simply just own one other of those, so a second one was necessary. Also the wool blend ones don´t scratch!

When I was standing in line I couldn´t look aways from this totally awesome sock combo. One pair is this red and white design and the other is a simple gray one. Both of them would look great with wintery shoes and sticking out of them a little.

In the drugstore I picked up a new/old Essie nail polish. I´ve seen it before and I think it was while being in Switzerland, but I couln´t get it anywhere here until now. It´s called For The Twill Of It and part of the Russian Roulette limited edition. I just love how it is green, blue, and has a slightly metallic shimmer. I think it´s a great nail polish for winter.

I´ve been eyeing this P2 24 Hours Perfect Eye Shadow Cream for a little while now. I think the color is so damn pretty. It´s something rose, but totally creamy and has a soft glimmer and is just very subtle on the eye.  I got the color 050 Happy Me and yes, this makes me happy. As you can see in the swatch it is also very glittery. When you blend it you can almost only see the glitter, but it gives a hint of this rose color to your lid and I think it is a great base.

Also I picked up this Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen for the inner corners of my eye. I think it is very hard to have eye shadow there because it tends to get into my eye. When I rub it, it is all gone. This one is not only made to stay longer, but it isn´t getting into my eye this fast. It´s the color 030 Eye Need! and it´s shaped like a pen. The applying is very easy and the almost white but totally glittery pen is very well pigmented. Also the color is very subtle when it isn´t held right into the light, but it still does its job.

I´m cursed: I can´t want past rose gold colors. And this Liquid Metal Eye Shadow by Catrice just has the perfect color. It is also well pigmented and the color is very light and mosty glitter, but you can build it up so that it leaves a dark hint of color. I think it is a great combination to the Eye Shadow Cream. By the way, the name Guns´n´Roses is also beautiful.

Of course, I got some new razors too. I haven´t tried them out yet, but I do have a Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women razor and I like it because it does have some kind of secure handling. The razor blades to have those tiny bars crossing the blades so that you don´t cut yourself that easily. That´s pretty great for someone like me who´s always doing those kinds of stuff to themselves. 

I want to try out depilatory cream for my legs this winter. I hate shaving regularly in the winter and maybe this will help a little bit. We will see. Anyway, I got the sensitive one by Veet because I was told that it was good and Veet is a kind of famous brand for this kind of stuff. I just really hope this works.

While being in a drugstore I remembered that my eye make up remover is almost empty so I got a new one. This one is by Maybelline Jáde and it´s specialised for waterproof make up. I have one by Nivea right now, but I´m not 100% happy with it,  so I wanted to try something different.

I also picked up a new mask against spots by Garnier. I hope this one will work, but I´m not sure. I love masks for rainy days either way and I will definitely give this one a try.

Lastly, I bought these honey waffles because I was simply hungry. I thought they´d be really delicious, because what could be better than a combination of honey and waffles? But it turns out that they´re not as yummy as they sound. I don´t really like them... But I ate them anyway ;)

I do have to say that I hate going into the city and buying stuff I don´t need but at the same time that it feels somehow good to buy stuff. I just swear that I won´t go into the city until the end of the month and everything will be fine, won´t it?

Have a wonderful day