What Your Eyebrow Pencil Can Do.

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As I´ve told you in my September Favorites I finally found a fitting eyebrow penicl: the Maybelline New Yourk Master Shape Brow Pencil.

Well, being late in school is never good so on some mornings I was running pretty late and still had to do a simple make-up to feel good enough to go to school. That´s when I discovered what you can use a brow pencil for.

1. The eyebrows
This one´s obvious. You can shape and fill your brows with a brow pencil in the right color. For me this color is Soft Brown. The effect is very simple. Your eyebrows frame your face and good shaped and filled eyebrows will help for an obvious effect. Additionally, when you´re wearing powder and foundation your eyebrows can be very light because foundation and powder lie over them. Eyebrow pencils help here to just have eyebrows again. Also with an eyebrow pencil you can achieve bolder looking eyebrows. 
Tip: Keep it natural!

2. The eyes
Here you can use it in two ways.
     a) The eyebrow pencil often is darker than your natural skin tone. So for a very simple eye make-up you can contour your eyes. A darker shade in your crease will give your eyes more depth. For this just paint a little bit with the pencil in your crease and then use your fingers or a brush to blend the color in. Because the eyebrow pencil are often very creamy you might have to use more than one layer of color.
     b) You can also create a very light and basic smokey eye with an eyebrow pencil. Try to use the pencil as an eyeliner. This is kind of hard because the pencil is way to creamy for this, but it doesn´t matter if the line is not perfect or to thick. Then use a fluffy brush and blend the line away. The more you blend, the softer the look. It´s not a perfect smokey eye, but it will define your eyes and put them in focus if you don´t use bold lip colors. But this also is a good make-up for bold lips.

3. The nose
As you can use an eyebrow pencil to contour your eyes you can also contour your nose. Paint a line at the sides of your nose and under the tip and then use your fingers to blend it all away. If you have a big enough pencil you can also use it for contouring the rest of your face, but who has such a big pencil?

If you use all of those tips you have a very simple and basic make-up that is perfect for school and if you are not really in the mood for spending a lot of time on your make-up. If you then use brown mascara instead of black you can also wear this for a relaxed evening with your friends when you feel naked without any make-up. I hope this tips were helpful for you.

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