The Mess That Is My Room...

Hi there internet friends.

I don´t know if any of you can relate to this, but I get extremly lazy when it comes to cleaning my room or even just tidying it up. It´s not that I like it when my room is messy. I just tend to kind of ignore it especially when I don´t have too much free time. It´s just much better to sit in my bed watching some series...

But when I actually can get myself up to tidy just a bit then I have to do it all. I´ve invented a very special way of tidying up my room and some special tips over the last years and I thought I would share them with you today since I can´t do the pictures for the bang hairstyles video right now...

1. Rewards
Give yourself a reward after you´ve finished the tidying. It doesn´t matter if it´s a new episode, an ice cream or just the look of your non-chaotic room. Whatever works for you is fine.
This will help you to stay through the whole process and not just stop in the middle. Also it will give you the motivation to start and that is in most cases the hardest part

2. Sections
I always have tiny sections that I tidy up one after another. This makes it easier and puts your focus just on a small chaos instead of a really big one. The thing with the big chaos is that your mind tells you to not clean it up because it is too much and it will take too much time and why can´t you just leave it there when it´s as big as it is? But if you trick your mind into a smaller chaos that can be removed very easily and quickly you will do it.

3. Right Places
Always put the things you have to pack away in the exactly right spot. Do not ever just put them in the section where they belong. This would be making the second tip ineffective because then you´d have a really small section with a really big mess in it at the end and who would like to tidy that up? Just go and put it diretly in its place.
But make an exception for things that don´t belong in your room, for example I tend to collect the plates that I ate from in my room as well as some dirty laundry from the day before. Make two big piles (or more if you need more) outside your door and just throw the things that go in other rooms right there. You can take care of putting these piles away in the end. That way you don´t have to run into the kitchen 54 times.

4. Do It Fully
Don´t start and then stop for something else. You will not be able to get back to tidying up, I know that. Try to do it all in a row and then do everything else. It keeps you from having half your room tidied up and the other half still being a mess which will tempt you to put all the stuff you lay down in the tidied side of your room and then it´s a mess again and you have to start over new.

5. Music
For me music is an essential for tidying up. I especially like to play music that gives me a good mood and that I can sing and dance along with. Keeping your mood up while tidying is good because then it is going easier for you and you are faster. 

That are all the tips for you I have. I hope they might help you, I know that they always help me. And now I will try to use those tips for myself tomorrow when I have to clean the mess up that I produced over the last week...

Have a wonderful day

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