Surviving a cold

Hello there internet friends.

„You´re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul,“ sang Christina Perry. Well, it might not be because of the ice inside my soul, but I definitely catched a cold. Ugh, I hate this. But there´s not a season as perfect for this illness as autumn.

Seriously. If you have a cold in winter you´re missing out on the snow and if you have one in spring you´re not seeing all the tiny little sparkles of color and you´re not touching the fresh grass. Don´t get me started on a cold in summer. I tend to have that ( I don´t know how that’s even possible) and I always miss the sunniest days.

From a lot of colds in my days I can divide my colds in five stages that require different essentials to survive them.

1. The first day
When you wake up you kind of feel that you will get ill. It evolves slowly as the day goes by and the sneezing will start. You will feel kind of weak when the evening arrives.

Tips: Go to bed early on this day and keep some tissues close. Also it is a good thing if you get everything done that you have planned for the next days.

2. The sleeping day
On this day the cold really comes through. You will get a really runny nose and your head will feel much bigger than it really is. This will cause a big headache. Even though you might feel okay in the morning don´t trust this feeling. To everyone around you you will look very ill. You will have very small eyes and you won´t be feeling like putting on any real clothes or make-up.

Tips: Keep this day very simple with a lot of sleeping. Take the painkillers that work for your headache, keep tissues close to you and use nasal spray before you try to sleep. Sleeping is a good thing on this day because not even the painkillers will keep your headache down.

3 The be(a)d day
Be prepared for a runny nose on this day. Since you´ve slept all day long the day before you will be really awake and your head will feel a little bit better. But you won´t be feeling like getting up. You´re still really weak.

Tips: Don´t even bother getting dressed. Stay in bed the whole day watching Youtube videos, another TV-Show or read a book you´ve always wanted to read. If you feel really good for an hour or so then use this time to get some stuff done, but don´t overdo it. As the days before keep your tissues and your nasal spray close. A lip balm can help with a slightly red nose. Just put it on after you´ve wiped your nose. It will keep everything smooth. Painkillers will still help with your head.

4 The red nose day
You´ve survived the bad part by now. Your head will feel great again and your body will be good enough for light work like getting up. Only your nose will continue to be runny.

Tips: Get into comfy clothes and carry around nasal spray, lip balm and tissues. Try do get stuff done like cleaning your room. You won´t need painkillers anymore. If you feel good enough call a friend to chill with you. This is also the perfect day for some wellness. Just take a nice long, hot bath or shower, whatever you prefer,  and use everything you can.

5 The annoying days
These are the last days of your cold. A cold can last with you for like two weeks, but after the fourth day it isn´t that bad anymore. You´re runny nose will just annoy you like hell, but you can even write class test in this state.

Tips: I can just repeat myself: tissues and lip balm. Try to keep the nasal spray down from now on, just use it in the evening when your head feels heavy again and when you want to get some sleep.

All of these stages can also appear more than one day. I just find that they often just last one day. There are also stages between those five which can last a day. Every cold is slightly different, but these tips will almost always work.

There´s one good thing I see in a cold: Another excuse to stay in bed doing nothing. Also you can drink lots of cocoa without anyone judging you. Oh, and don´t forget all the additional sleep you get from the second day. And because you don´t really do anything you can stay up late and wake up early and still feel totally awake all the time.

Have a wonderful day

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