September Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

It´s the second of October and that means the month of tv-show premieres, a lot of ugly sobbing, first falling leaves and cold rain has gone and will not appear for eleven months. But still there is the sun outside shining bright, but not as warm as before. With all the wonderful things you can see, do or have in September, there are some that stand out. I´ve found myself travelling a lot in the last month and there were some things that were kind of saving my life in this time. Here are my September Favorites.

This brush was essential when it came to travelling. As I am a person who always wants to look good and wants just a bit of coverage even on “chilled” days I found it really helpful to have a brush that you can apply concealer/coverage and powder with. I have seen this brush in the drugstore. It´s from a brand named essence and I haven´t seen it from any other drugstore brand yet. It is not the best quality for a brush, I have to say this, but for a drugstore brush it is pretty amazing. If you, like me, are not willing to pay too much on a brush then you can go for this one.

Then also this mascara called Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara in waterproof by Maybelline Jade was pretty much an essential for me. I hate how my lashes look without mascara on and this one combines everything I need for just a basic make-up with concealer, powder and mascara. I also used and still use this mascara for My Perfect Long And Curled Lashes.

As a another basic I used my Soft Touch Blush 108 by Kiko quite often. I loved this blush from the start. It gives my cheeks just the softest touch of pink and I don´t look like a clown or something. It is easy to blend, I think, sometimes even a little bit too easy and then I need to use a lot product to even see something of it. But nevertheless, I used this just a lot.

I discovered this Maybelline New York  Master Shape Brow Pencil a week or so ago when I was doing some normal food shopping. I was looking for a new lipstick, but instead I saw that this brow pencil just had the perfect color for my eyebrows. There was no way I was going out of there without that pencil. It is in Soft Brown. I never thought that there was the perfect color for my eyebrows and I was pretty happy with my eyebrows the way they were, but the effect with the pencil is amazing. I think my face has more of a structure now and it really frames my face.

Of course Essie´s Dive Bar is in my favorites too. I  love how the color changes with the light and it is so easy to apply that I was happy to do it. It lasted a whole weekend I was away, but I think it could do more, I just wanted a change by then. I just can repeat myself: the color is so damn beautiful!

Also I´ve got two not so beauty bound products. First of all, this eternal and rechargeable battery which saved my life twice this month. It is by EasyAcc and mine is in white. I ordered it via Amazon. It has two output ports and a capacity of 7000 mAh. I can load my phone like three times with it and it is great if you go on vacation and you don´t have enough sockets like on class trips or something. Only disadvantage: I can´t load my phone and my iPad at the same time.

And last, but not least, a warm and comfy jumper. My sister bought me this one in Berlin when she was there, but it basically doesn´t matter where you have yours from as long as it is way too big and comfy. I just like to wear it in the evening when the air gets colder, it just keeps me warm so great. Also after having showered, but not decided what to wear in the morning I wear this one while getting reading sometimes.

Those are the few things that really got me through September. Do you have special things you used in September? Maybe even some special food?

Have a wonderful day

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