My Autumnal Spirit

Hi there internet friends.

The weather was really nice today, the sun shining, barely any clouds, just a light breeze and all. I thought, why not use this weather and present you all my favorite autumn look.

Let´s start with my basic outfit:

I´m wearing:  Basic Top White - H&M; Sweater - Primark; 
Fake Leather Jacket - America Today
Trousers, Shoes -  No Name Brand

To make this look mine, I like to add a few accessoires:

Hat - C&A

Bag, small rings, metallic bracelets - Primark

Earrings - I am

I just really like the color of my jacket and how it fits with my shoes and my hat. Autumn is the perfect time for a darker wine red. I also love gold accessoires for this season and grey pants are just something else than the always accuring blue jeans. The little extras on the trouser are also very beautiful.

Have a spooky day & Happy Halloween

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