Huge Berlin Haul

Hi there internet friends.

Whenever I get the chance to go to Berlin I take it because I just love the rush of that city. Also I always take this chance to do a huge shopping trip.

Well, I didn´t have that much time last weekend to go shopping, but I managed to get quite a few things.
Let´s start of with basics from Rossmann.

Rossmann is simply a drugstore which is why I just bought some hair ties without metal. They´re in 3 colors and in thick and thin. I got them for 1,49 €. Then I also needed new bobby pins because I lost all of mine. Those were 0,99 € and they´re in a kind of dark brown. In black I´ve got those bodkins on the same account for 0,99 €. All these products are from Rossmann´s own brand For Your Beauty. I was simply too lazy to go into the city and buy this stuff before I went to Berlin, so don´t judge me for not showing you the exciting stuff in the first place.

I only had a white kohl until the weekend, but it always looked kind of too bright for my eyes. So I got this nude kohl from MaxFactor. It´s number 090 Natural Glaze and it was 4,45 €.

Rihanna´s Nude was the next thing I bought. I was looking forward to buying this for a long time now, but I wanted to save the feeling of acutally owning it for Berlin, so I got it then. It is kind of darker than flowery parfums and more sexy and mysterious, but it still has a light note and it isn´t too heavy. So you don´t burst into a room with your smell first. It makes you smell really, really good in a more subtle way. I got the smaller bottle for 16,50 €.

After my first time at Lush I knew I had to go back into a store. I got this bathing ball called Phoenix Rising which is supposed to turn your water shimmery golden and have a color change. I was thinking about getting this when I was in Switzerland, but then decided to go for the Blackberry Bomb because cinnamon is not my usual scent. But who can say no to a glittery golden-pink bath in a time where the sky is grey? It was 5,35 €.

Well, I´ve heard so many great things about Ponche that at least I had to smell it. And wow, I kind of feel like even smelling it makes me wake up more in the morning. I am so looking forward to using this in the morning. It smells exactly as it is described: Like something between an exotic punch and Tequila. I payed 8,95 € for 100 ml.

The Body Shop was on my list, too. I finally wanted to buy a full size product this time and not the smaller ones. I decided to go for this Satsuma Body Puree because it just smelled the nicest. I didn´t want to go for Mango again, so I took something else. But I can´t describe this scent, it is just exotic, fruity and great. It was 12 €.

Since I don´t have a Primark near to me I take my chance whenenver I´m in bigger cities. Firstly, I got this very thin sweater. It is mostly grey, but it also has white and black points. It is high-low and the material is heavenly soft. It was 8 €.

Another sweater, this time in marine and white stripes and without high-low cut. I am just in love with sweaters for the upcoming seasons and I´ve loved marine stripes since forever, so I couldn´t say no to buying this for 7 €.

My friend was looking for a nice dress, but instead I found this one. It is in petrol and it has a very simple cut. Just a little bit smaller on the hips and then again back to flowy on the end. The small, brown belt came with it and I payed 15 €.

I bought another white belt for 2 € because I was in need of a new one. It has this gold clasp and it is really thin. But I like to wear my belts very tight and so after just one day of wearing it it is almost broken on the side of the loop I put it in. It might be very good just as an accessoire for a dress or over a top, but not for actually holding your jeans.

Look at those sweet tights. I saw them right before the cash point and I think they will be perfect in winter with a simple red or black dress or skirt on top. Maybe even with just a very long jumper. I didn´t have to  hesitate for 4 €.

And surprisingly, I didn`t find that much of accessoires I really liked. Just this one smaller necklace in gold. It will fit perfectly to a blouse I already own and so I couldn´t resist it. It was 5 €.

The most exciting things for me to buy were Mac products. I just started my own collection in Berlin. To start a collection I  got this double sided palette which is kind of new. Basically it is a Pro Palette, but you can put things on both sides and you can seperate them with a small transparent plastic barrier which can be put on either sides. To go with the palette I also got a filling for 15 eyeshadows. So one side is filled right now and the other is still empty, but I can also collect blushes on the other side If I want to later. The palette was 32 € and the filling 11,50 €.

Then I´ve got two eyeshadows, of course. Both are brown-ish, but Texture (the right one) is a little bit lighter while Mulch is darker and more sparkly. How good the are both pigmented is unnecessary to say, isn´t it? I´m in love and I was gladly spending  14,50 € each.

What is the start of a Mac collection without a lipstick? I´ve decided to stay with not so bold colors and go for a pink nude which takes back my lips, but isn´t totally putting them away. This one is called Kinda Sexy. It´s a matte lipstick and it costed 19 €.

Here are my three swatches. The one at the top is Texture, then comes Mulch and last, but not least, Kinda Sexy.

I also got this tiny Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara as a present, but I haven´t tested it yet.

Lastly, I went into a Claire´s to get some more basic stuff. I started with this hairloop because I saw bebexo use it for covering up pony with your own hair and before that video I was going to buy the special tool Claire´s has for this, but a hair loop with 2,5 € is just cheaper.

Then I bought some tiny transparent hairties which I was after for a long, long time. We used them when I was little a lot, but then I never found them again. They´re very handy when it comes to having smaller ponys.

And I got some more bobby pins as a present. They´re also in a dark brown, so they fit perfectly with my hair.

All in all, I think I bought way too much stuff, but I am totally happy with it. And that´s the most important thing, isn´t it?

Have a wonderful day

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