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Hi there internet friends.

Halloween is more than near and well, I kind of forgot about it, but how could I not write something halloween-y? Since I am not really into any Halloween challenges and pumpkin carving would be hard to blog and  Halloween make-up/costumes is not really my specialty I decided to help you all plan a very spontaneous Halloween Party.

Here are some steps for you to follow when you plan your Halloween Party.

Who? Because the planning is very spontaneous make sure to write all the people you want to invite personally or even better: speak to them. This way they will all know that you are organising a party. Also you could, additionally to telling each one personally, create a group on facebook so that all of them have access to new information on that party.

Where? If you have a basement that is big enough for a party then this question is very easy to answer. If not you have to find someone else where you can set up the party. Maybe one of your friends has the space and their parents allow it? Just ask.

What time? Of course you have to set a time when everyone can come. Set a time that´s early enough so that you will all have a lot of fun, but one that is late enough so that you don´t have to provide a whole dinner and it should be dark outside! What time that is mostly depends on your timezone.

Costumes? Well, it is really spontanous and if you don´t have friends that already have costumes (which is unlikely because there was no party planned) you shouldn´t expect them to wear costumes. Try to convince them that they have like on halloweenish accessoire though. That can be a plastic spider in their hair, a witch hat or just devil horns. Just something to set the right mood.

Decorations? You should definitely decorate the room very halloweenish. If you still have decorations from years okay, that´s fine. Otherwise buy new decoration, you will have to go shopping either way. But try to stay a bit light with the decoration, don´t overdo it. Maybe a chain of lights, some fake spiders on the wall and some fake spider nets, that will do it.

Music? Make sure to have a good playlist at hand. Either make on yourself, but then be careful that you put your own taste in music aside and concentrate more on the charts and what is in right now, or you have a friend who loves making playlist who you ask then to make a playlist for the party. Music is the key to a great mood so if you play the right music the mood will be great.

Food & Drinks? Because you are organising the whole party you should arrange food and drinks. Go for Halloween finger food and some themed wine cooler in dark red. There are thousands of recipes online and I will not give you special ones. Just a small tip: If you are a bit creative with cooking then read recipes, but improvise when you are actually cooking and shopping. It is a little late to find maybe all that you need in a shop. So go there and  just look for things you could do with what you get. And stay away from alcohol if you´re not allowed to drink yet! Also try to just go into one shop instead of five. It saves you time.

Sleeping Over? Maybe your friends won´t be able to get home. Make sure to ask them if they need a place to sleep and then also provide a place where they can sleep. Often it is okay to have them sleep over in the party room. Tell them that they need to bring their own inflatable mattress because it is not normal to have a ton of mattresses in the house.

I hope some of those tips are helping you if you want to plan a sponatneous Halloween Party right now. You can also apply most of those tips on other parties you want to plan.
I know that these tips work because that´s exactly the way I planned my Halloween Party today. But the most important tip is: Have fun!

Have a wonderful day

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