Impromptu Rice Dish

Hi there internet friends.

Have you ever found yourself longing for a very healthy meal, but too lazy to search for a recipe let alone going grocery shopping? Well, that´s exactly what I was like today. I decided to do some impromptu cooking. 

My first step was to run around the house like a lunatic finding healthy things to eat. I found some vegetables, a bit of oil, rice, ketchup, some soy and cream.

Logically, I decided to do a rice dish with a lot of vegetables. I needed to boil water and cook the rice like it was saying on the packaging. In the meantime I cut all the vegetables in pieces to my liking and put them in different bowls. The harder vegetables like peppers and carrots are going into the pan first, then the weak vegetables like mushrooms, another bowl is filled with corn and beans because they will get into the pan after the rice just to heat them up a little bit and the last bowl is for tomatoes who will only see the pan for a few minutes.

Then I put some oil in a high pan because it has prevented me from having to clean the whole kitchen afterwards. Next, I started to fry the vegetables in the pan on a very high temperature. First: the hard vegetables. Then I made some space in the pan for the weak vegetables. I added the rice as a next step. Then the corn and the beans. 

Here comes the fun part now: Put some soy and ketchup in the pan and use as much as you´d like. Then just mix it all together. And then add just a tiny little bit of cream to it all, just to keep it mild. And be very careful with the soy! Lastly, I put in the tomatoes and just mixed it arount a bit more until it was ready. I didn´t take any specific time for how long the vegetables should be in the pan, I just decided that very sponatneously and I have to say that my decisions were really good.

Yummy, this was really delicious and I still have one portion left for the day after tomorrow. I´m defninitely looking forward to that. I don´t know why but I don´t really like to cook with a recipe. It is good to give me a clue to what I need for a dish I want to make and how it should be done, but mostly I just improvise and go with what I´m hungry for. If I would have been really hungry for tuna today, I would have added tuna. In this cases I don´t really care if it fits the whole dish. I´ve been eating like that since I was very young. My philosophy always was: I doesn´t matter how and what you eat, in your stomach it all gets mixed up anyway.

Have a wonderful day

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