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Wen I was a kid I had a problem with nibbling and biting my nails. I still have that problem, but it is a lot better now and I mostly bite the skin around my nails while my nails grow long. Personally, I think that this looks at least equally as bad as short, biten nails. Over the years I've found some tricks for myself  to help with this problem.

1. Handlotion
A very obvious tip, as I see it. Simply use handlotion whenever you have the chance. While watching yout favorite tv-show is always a good time for handlotion because you only sit around and don't have to touch anything. Especially in the upcoming season it is necessary to spend enough moisture on your hands. Try to use handlotion at least once a day.
I like to use the Ultra Rich Hand Cream by P2 just because it's not too expensive and it smells nice, but you can use any handlotion you want.

2. Gloves
This is a good tip for the night. If you want a deeper care for your hands you can use handlotion and then just put really thin gloves on. There's no chance you will smear your handlotion now and that means the nutritioning effect is better.

3. Ointment and Patches
If you already have wounds around your nails then you should let them heal. The cream will support the own healing of the skin and the patches will keep your fingers and your teeth away. Also the patches have the same effect as the gloves in the second tip. 
You can use this tip whenever you know you will spend some time at home because then not many people will see you with the patches. I often use this tip over night. Let's be honest, it looks a little hideous.

4. Nailpolish
This is one of the best tips as I discovered. If you can then put nailpolish on your nails. Use any color you want even a clear polish will help you. It is just the brilliance and knowing that you've put effort in this that will keep you from nibbling and biting. This tip works best if you love perfection like I do. You will feel really bad if you destroy your nailpolish while nibbling and just the thought of this often keeps my fingers away.

I hope some of this tips were helpful for you.  They are working for me pretty well.

Have a wonderful day

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