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Hi there internet friends.

As I am a very creative person when it comes to presents I always want to recieve presents that are equally creative while at the same time hoping for some great stuff. I just wanted to tell you about some presents I did myself and some that I get so that if you are ever in the position of creating a gift you can come back to this creative ideas.

Photos are always a great way to pimp up your gift to make it seem totally creative. For example, if you already have bought your best (girl-)friend a nice bracelet that she will love then you can print out a lot of photos of you two together and stick them on a simple carton. It looks extra special and will make your best friend smile.

You can do all kinds of stuff with  photos.There are so many websites where you can print photos on T-Shirts and basically everything you want. Collages are great too. You can hide money behind a collage if you cut out the smallest pieces of the collage to give your friend a hint. Then just put the picture in the frame, arrange the money behind it and close the frame. 

If you are good with editing things on your laptop you can also arrange a photoshow with music and effects and all as a gift. This gift is great for a 16th or 18th birthday to remember the (long) friendship. Very similar to this is the next kind of gifts.

Remembering Gifts
If your friend is throwing a big party then those are perfect to remember the party afterwards. Take your camera with you and take as much photos and videos as you can. Try to catch every important moment, but don´t forget to party a little yourself! After the party you can either create a photoshow or print all the funny pictures and put it in a photo album. Whatever is more to your liking.


All of this creative gifts are selfmade, but you will understand what I mean in a moment.
You can make bracelets and necklaces yourself, there are many Do It Yourselfs for that. Most of them are amazing, not costing too much and coming from the heart. This will never fail to make other people smile. My best friend made a shelf for all my jewelry herself out of wood. (She had a little help from her father, she admitted later.) And that was one of the greatest gifts I´ve ever recieved. She made it with love and I know that and that´s the best present anyone could ever get.

If you are thinking about what to get someone, don´t go with boring gift coupons unless your friend told you to. What really matters about gifts is the thought and the love you put in it, not what it is worth. 

Have a wonderful day

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