All That I Own #1 - Lipsticks

Hi there internetfriends.

I was really unsure about what to write today, but then I went into the city with my mom and I unintentionally found a really cool new lipstick in an autumnal color and after that my mom got one as a gift in another shop and she gave it to me, so I thought I´d show you all the lipsticks I own right now.

The first one is by Astor and it´s a special Heidi Klum edition. I don´t know if it´s a limited edition or if it is in the standard range of products by Astor. This is the one I bought today and it´s 008 Spicy. I was looking for something in a dark plum color, but somehow there´s nothing like that color in the drugstore and this lighter plum was the only one I liked. There were some that were darker, but then they had way too much glitter in them and I don´t really like it.
The lipstick has a matte finish. It is very opaque and it has a kind of harder texture then some of my other lipsticks which makes it a bit harder to get on, but with a brush it´s totally okay.

I also own 030 Ginger & Fred by Catrice and this is a darker red-brown color with a lot of glitter pigments in it, but they are really tiny and just add a lot of shine to your lips. This finish I would definitley describe as glossy and also sheer, but it still gives a lot of color to your lips. I think it is quite easy to apply even without a brush because it has a really soft texture.
I really like this one because it was one of my first lipsticks and I can wear it for school because it´s not too striking for anyone. I think it defines your lipcolor a little bit and adds a shimmer.

Very similar is 913 by Kiko. It is a little bit more red and doesn´t have any glitter in it, but still it has a glossy finish and a really soft texture. I wouldn´t apply this one without a brush though. The color is much more opaque and it´s necessary to have a brush to really get your outline straight. 
I love this color for an evening look.

Much more subtle for a school day and much easier to apply without a brush is this Sheer Glam Lipstick 040 Notting Hill by P2. It barely gives your lips any color, but it is supposed to be brownish nude. If you want to see any of it, then you have to layer it a bit otherwise it just gives you a glossy shine and a small bit of defined lipcolor which is perfect for shool days.

The 070 Pretty Woman by P2 is the one my mom was given as a gift. It´s a really pinky red, but again this one is not really doing anything with your lips other than a glossy shine. Like the 040 it also has a very, very soft texture and can be applied without any brush.

The only high-end lipstick I own is Kinda Sexy by MAC. It is a matte and pink nude for a change in my collection. I think it has a harder texture than the sheer lipsticks (which would make sense) and therefore is a bit harder to apply. I would always recommend to use a brush with this lipstick because it is really opaque and a straight outline is important. But I love this lipstick and I can´t wait till I can really wear it with a heavier eye make up. I can also see why the matte lipsticks by MAC are supposed to dry your lips. I feel like the harder texture causes this.

In my last vacations I picked up this Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter by Astor in 015 Cheeky Cherry. It is like a pen and a lighter and more pink red. I would describe the finish as glossy, but also kind of opaque and it really gives your lips a lot of color. I haven´t found the right day to wear this yet, but hopefully I will. It´s just a little bit too bright for school. I can´t say  if it´s easier to apply because it´s a pen because I like to apply this with a brush to get my straight outline, but I have to say that it is really soft.

Since I had to throw away my favorite orange-y lipstick a few weeks ago I only have to of them left. One of them is the Double Touch by Kiko. It is the color 103 which is a reddish brown with glitter in it. It´s supposed to last up to 10 hours, but I always lose half of it when I sip water from a bottle, so I don´t believe that. But the color is really nice for an evening out with friends and the clear gloss really makes it shimmery.

The last one is more of a joke and I only keep this Glossy Lipbalm by essence in Cherry Kiss because I got it from a really good friend. And the word "cherry" is some kind of insider between us, so I love it for this reason, but otherwise it´s just such a bad lipgloss.
It has almost no coverage and you lose it while looking at it. And also the color is really ugly. I just keep it for the inside joke it tells.

There are some lipstick colors I would like to get in the future. It would be a dark red and also a bright red. Additionally, I would like to own a dark plum color and something more orange looking. Hopefully I will find the right colors soon.

I have to say that on most days I don´t wear lipstick because I don´t really feel too comfortable with it, especially with brighter colors. I´m a bit scared to wear them, but I´m training myself to wear my other lipsticks more often so that I get more comfortable with them. Maybe it will get better after school when I don´t feel like everybody´s staring at me for wearing lipstick. If you are not really comfortable with lipstick then just try more subtle and sheer colors and get comfortable with them first.

Have a wonderful day

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