A Bath Explosion

Hi there internetfriends.

I wasn´t really able to move today... (well, I should´ve thought about the consequences of 8 hours of dancing in one day before doing that). And that equals that I couldn´t do the bang hairstyles I wanted to do, but I thought I would give you a short review on the lush products I used today to sooth my sore muscles.

For my long bath I used the Blackberry Bomb I bought in Switzerland. And just like the seller promised me it gave my bath a kind of deep purple color and not just something light that comes out of most colored bath products. I really like this color. And the little ball had indeed a tiny paper in it saying "Boom Boom!" What a funny and cool thing to have. I smiled for a long time at that.

Nevertheless there were two things not really to my liking. Firstly, I missed the strong and berry scent the bomb had before I put it into the water. I feel like it got kinda lost in the bath and it also lost it berry scent. It was a really strong scent when I put my nose really near the water, but I don´t think that´s enough and still I didn´t smell as much berries as I would have liked. Second of all, the bath bomb left a bit of a stain in my tub that wasn´t going away with just plain water. I had to take a tiny towel soaked with water and then rub it off. It was still going of then pretty easily, but now I have dark stains in the towel and I can just hope that they will go off while washing it.

Anyway, I had a really, really nice bath and though the scent wasn´t exactly like the dry bath bomb and it was very, very subtle I was enjoying my bath time with this bomb and the color didn´t leave stains on my skin or on the towel I used to dry myself. So I would say if you´re a berry person or you want to have a light moment in your day this bomb is pretty great for you.

Next, I used my new Ponche Shower Gel to feel a little bit more clean and to get this kick the seller promised me in Berlin. And well, I got the kick. The scent of Ponche is not what I usually like, but it´s amazing and it really gives you some kind of kick with a lot of good mood. I would say this comes from all the spanish-y scents in it.

It comes out kind of runny, but when you rub it in your hands it gets brighter until it´s a white, thin foam that you can easily rub all over your body. And have I mentioned the scent yet? Still amazing! I just love Ponche.

I have used my Rub Rub Rub Peeling like 4 times by now mostly directly after shaving my legs to get rid of all old danders and I still love the smell and the feeling of it. You can feel that it is really pigmented and that it rubs of old skin. It leaves a kind of oily stain on your skin afterwards which feels a bit of weird first, but it is good, as I think, because it hydrates your skin so that it doesn´t itch so much after shaving it. 

I have to say that it burns a little when I rub it in though. It might just be because my skin is really sensitive after I shaved it, but I don´t like that feeling too much. And also my bottle is almost half empty and I haven´t used it a lot since I got it. I need just really a lot of it to rub my legs with it. For that it´s a little bit expensive, but the feeling afterwards is worth it. My legs are soft like the skin of a baby after using Rub Rub Rub.

Maybe this was helping you to decide wether you want to buy one of those things from Lush. All in all, I still love Lush and I think they´re quality is great and they´re stuff really makes your bath a lot more fun.

Have a wonderful day

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