My Autumnal Spirit

Hi there internet friends.

The weather was really nice today, the sun shining, barely any clouds, just a light breeze and all. I thought, why not use this weather and present you all my favorite autumn look.

Let´s start with my basic outfit:

I´m wearing:  Basic Top White - H&M; Sweater - Primark; 
Fake Leather Jacket - America Today
Trousers, Shoes -  No Name Brand

To make this look mine, I like to add a few accessoires:

Hat - C&A

Bag, small rings, metallic bracelets - Primark

Earrings - I am

I just really like the color of my jacket and how it fits with my shoes and my hat. Autumn is the perfect time for a darker wine red. I also love gold accessoires for this season and grey pants are just something else than the always accuring blue jeans. The little extras on the trouser are also very beautiful.

Have a spooky day & Happy Halloween

Spontaneously Spooky

Hi there internet friends.

Halloween is more than near and well, I kind of forgot about it, but how could I not write something halloween-y? Since I am not really into any Halloween challenges and pumpkin carving would be hard to blog and  Halloween make-up/costumes is not really my specialty I decided to help you all plan a very spontaneous Halloween Party.

Here are some steps for you to follow when you plan your Halloween Party.

Who? Because the planning is very spontaneous make sure to write all the people you want to invite personally or even better: speak to them. This way they will all know that you are organising a party. Also you could, additionally to telling each one personally, create a group on facebook so that all of them have access to new information on that party.

Where? If you have a basement that is big enough for a party then this question is very easy to answer. If not you have to find someone else where you can set up the party. Maybe one of your friends has the space and their parents allow it? Just ask.

What time? Of course you have to set a time when everyone can come. Set a time that´s early enough so that you will all have a lot of fun, but one that is late enough so that you don´t have to provide a whole dinner and it should be dark outside! What time that is mostly depends on your timezone.

Costumes? Well, it is really spontanous and if you don´t have friends that already have costumes (which is unlikely because there was no party planned) you shouldn´t expect them to wear costumes. Try to convince them that they have like on halloweenish accessoire though. That can be a plastic spider in their hair, a witch hat or just devil horns. Just something to set the right mood.

Decorations? You should definitely decorate the room very halloweenish. If you still have decorations from years okay, that´s fine. Otherwise buy new decoration, you will have to go shopping either way. But try to stay a bit light with the decoration, don´t overdo it. Maybe a chain of lights, some fake spiders on the wall and some fake spider nets, that will do it.

Music? Make sure to have a good playlist at hand. Either make on yourself, but then be careful that you put your own taste in music aside and concentrate more on the charts and what is in right now, or you have a friend who loves making playlist who you ask then to make a playlist for the party. Music is the key to a great mood so if you play the right music the mood will be great.

Food & Drinks? Because you are organising the whole party you should arrange food and drinks. Go for Halloween finger food and some themed wine cooler in dark red. There are thousands of recipes online and I will not give you special ones. Just a small tip: If you are a bit creative with cooking then read recipes, but improvise when you are actually cooking and shopping. It is a little late to find maybe all that you need in a shop. So go there and  just look for things you could do with what you get. And stay away from alcohol if you´re not allowed to drink yet! Also try to just go into one shop instead of five. It saves you time.

Sleeping Over? Maybe your friends won´t be able to get home. Make sure to ask them if they need a place to sleep and then also provide a place where they can sleep. Often it is okay to have them sleep over in the party room. Tell them that they need to bring their own inflatable mattress because it is not normal to have a ton of mattresses in the house.

I hope some of those tips are helping you if you want to plan a sponatneous Halloween Party right now. You can also apply most of those tips on other parties you want to plan.
I know that these tips work because that´s exactly the way I planned my Halloween Party today. But the most important tip is: Have fun!

Have a wonderful day

All That I Own #1 - Lipsticks

Hi there internetfriends.

I was really unsure about what to write today, but then I went into the city with my mom and I unintentionally found a really cool new lipstick in an autumnal color and after that my mom got one as a gift in another shop and she gave it to me, so I thought I´d show you all the lipsticks I own right now.

The first one is by Astor and it´s a special Heidi Klum edition. I don´t know if it´s a limited edition or if it is in the standard range of products by Astor. This is the one I bought today and it´s 008 Spicy. I was looking for something in a dark plum color, but somehow there´s nothing like that color in the drugstore and this lighter plum was the only one I liked. There were some that were darker, but then they had way too much glitter in them and I don´t really like it.
The lipstick has a matte finish. It is very opaque and it has a kind of harder texture then some of my other lipsticks which makes it a bit harder to get on, but with a brush it´s totally okay.

I also own 030 Ginger & Fred by Catrice and this is a darker red-brown color with a lot of glitter pigments in it, but they are really tiny and just add a lot of shine to your lips. This finish I would definitley describe as glossy and also sheer, but it still gives a lot of color to your lips. I think it is quite easy to apply even without a brush because it has a really soft texture.
I really like this one because it was one of my first lipsticks and I can wear it for school because it´s not too striking for anyone. I think it defines your lipcolor a little bit and adds a shimmer.

Very similar is 913 by Kiko. It is a little bit more red and doesn´t have any glitter in it, but still it has a glossy finish and a really soft texture. I wouldn´t apply this one without a brush though. The color is much more opaque and it´s necessary to have a brush to really get your outline straight. 
I love this color for an evening look.

Much more subtle for a school day and much easier to apply without a brush is this Sheer Glam Lipstick 040 Notting Hill by P2. It barely gives your lips any color, but it is supposed to be brownish nude. If you want to see any of it, then you have to layer it a bit otherwise it just gives you a glossy shine and a small bit of defined lipcolor which is perfect for shool days.

The 070 Pretty Woman by P2 is the one my mom was given as a gift. It´s a really pinky red, but again this one is not really doing anything with your lips other than a glossy shine. Like the 040 it also has a very, very soft texture and can be applied without any brush.

The only high-end lipstick I own is Kinda Sexy by MAC. It is a matte and pink nude for a change in my collection. I think it has a harder texture than the sheer lipsticks (which would make sense) and therefore is a bit harder to apply. I would always recommend to use a brush with this lipstick because it is really opaque and a straight outline is important. But I love this lipstick and I can´t wait till I can really wear it with a heavier eye make up. I can also see why the matte lipsticks by MAC are supposed to dry your lips. I feel like the harder texture causes this.

In my last vacations I picked up this Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter by Astor in 015 Cheeky Cherry. It is like a pen and a lighter and more pink red. I would describe the finish as glossy, but also kind of opaque and it really gives your lips a lot of color. I haven´t found the right day to wear this yet, but hopefully I will. It´s just a little bit too bright for school. I can´t say  if it´s easier to apply because it´s a pen because I like to apply this with a brush to get my straight outline, but I have to say that it is really soft.

Since I had to throw away my favorite orange-y lipstick a few weeks ago I only have to of them left. One of them is the Double Touch by Kiko. It is the color 103 which is a reddish brown with glitter in it. It´s supposed to last up to 10 hours, but I always lose half of it when I sip water from a bottle, so I don´t believe that. But the color is really nice for an evening out with friends and the clear gloss really makes it shimmery.

The last one is more of a joke and I only keep this Glossy Lipbalm by essence in Cherry Kiss because I got it from a really good friend. And the word "cherry" is some kind of insider between us, so I love it for this reason, but otherwise it´s just such a bad lipgloss.
It has almost no coverage and you lose it while looking at it. And also the color is really ugly. I just keep it for the inside joke it tells.

There are some lipstick colors I would like to get in the future. It would be a dark red and also a bright red. Additionally, I would like to own a dark plum color and something more orange looking. Hopefully I will find the right colors soon.

I have to say that on most days I don´t wear lipstick because I don´t really feel too comfortable with it, especially with brighter colors. I´m a bit scared to wear them, but I´m training myself to wear my other lipsticks more often so that I get more comfortable with them. Maybe it will get better after school when I don´t feel like everybody´s staring at me for wearing lipstick. If you are not really comfortable with lipstick then just try more subtle and sheer colors and get comfortable with them first.

Have a wonderful day

Impromptu Rice Dish

Hi there internet friends.

Have you ever found yourself longing for a very healthy meal, but too lazy to search for a recipe let alone going grocery shopping? Well, that´s exactly what I was like today. I decided to do some impromptu cooking. 

My first step was to run around the house like a lunatic finding healthy things to eat. I found some vegetables, a bit of oil, rice, ketchup, some soy and cream.

Logically, I decided to do a rice dish with a lot of vegetables. I needed to boil water and cook the rice like it was saying on the packaging. In the meantime I cut all the vegetables in pieces to my liking and put them in different bowls. The harder vegetables like peppers and carrots are going into the pan first, then the weak vegetables like mushrooms, another bowl is filled with corn and beans because they will get into the pan after the rice just to heat them up a little bit and the last bowl is for tomatoes who will only see the pan for a few minutes.

Then I put some oil in a high pan because it has prevented me from having to clean the whole kitchen afterwards. Next, I started to fry the vegetables in the pan on a very high temperature. First: the hard vegetables. Then I made some space in the pan for the weak vegetables. I added the rice as a next step. Then the corn and the beans. 

Here comes the fun part now: Put some soy and ketchup in the pan and use as much as you´d like. Then just mix it all together. And then add just a tiny little bit of cream to it all, just to keep it mild. And be very careful with the soy! Lastly, I put in the tomatoes and just mixed it arount a bit more until it was ready. I didn´t take any specific time for how long the vegetables should be in the pan, I just decided that very sponatneously and I have to say that my decisions were really good.

Yummy, this was really delicious and I still have one portion left for the day after tomorrow. I´m defninitely looking forward to that. I don´t know why but I don´t really like to cook with a recipe. It is good to give me a clue to what I need for a dish I want to make and how it should be done, but mostly I just improvise and go with what I´m hungry for. If I would have been really hungry for tuna today, I would have added tuna. In this cases I don´t really care if it fits the whole dish. I´ve been eating like that since I was very young. My philosophy always was: I doesn´t matter how and what you eat, in your stomach it all gets mixed up anyway.

Have a wonderful day

The Mess That Is My Room...

Hi there internet friends.

I don´t know if any of you can relate to this, but I get extremly lazy when it comes to cleaning my room or even just tidying it up. It´s not that I like it when my room is messy. I just tend to kind of ignore it especially when I don´t have too much free time. It´s just much better to sit in my bed watching some series...

But when I actually can get myself up to tidy just a bit then I have to do it all. I´ve invented a very special way of tidying up my room and some special tips over the last years and I thought I would share them with you today since I can´t do the pictures for the bang hairstyles video right now...

1. Rewards
Give yourself a reward after you´ve finished the tidying. It doesn´t matter if it´s a new episode, an ice cream or just the look of your non-chaotic room. Whatever works for you is fine.
This will help you to stay through the whole process and not just stop in the middle. Also it will give you the motivation to start and that is in most cases the hardest part

2. Sections
I always have tiny sections that I tidy up one after another. This makes it easier and puts your focus just on a small chaos instead of a really big one. The thing with the big chaos is that your mind tells you to not clean it up because it is too much and it will take too much time and why can´t you just leave it there when it´s as big as it is? But if you trick your mind into a smaller chaos that can be removed very easily and quickly you will do it.

3. Right Places
Always put the things you have to pack away in the exactly right spot. Do not ever just put them in the section where they belong. This would be making the second tip ineffective because then you´d have a really small section with a really big mess in it at the end and who would like to tidy that up? Just go and put it diretly in its place.
But make an exception for things that don´t belong in your room, for example I tend to collect the plates that I ate from in my room as well as some dirty laundry from the day before. Make two big piles (or more if you need more) outside your door and just throw the things that go in other rooms right there. You can take care of putting these piles away in the end. That way you don´t have to run into the kitchen 54 times.

4. Do It Fully
Don´t start and then stop for something else. You will not be able to get back to tidying up, I know that. Try to do it all in a row and then do everything else. It keeps you from having half your room tidied up and the other half still being a mess which will tempt you to put all the stuff you lay down in the tidied side of your room and then it´s a mess again and you have to start over new.

5. Music
For me music is an essential for tidying up. I especially like to play music that gives me a good mood and that I can sing and dance along with. Keeping your mood up while tidying is good because then it is going easier for you and you are faster. 

That are all the tips for you I have. I hope they might help you, I know that they always help me. And now I will try to use those tips for myself tomorrow when I have to clean the mess up that I produced over the last week...

Have a wonderful day

A Bath Explosion

Hi there internetfriends.

I wasn´t really able to move today... (well, I should´ve thought about the consequences of 8 hours of dancing in one day before doing that). And that equals that I couldn´t do the bang hairstyles I wanted to do, but I thought I would give you a short review on the lush products I used today to sooth my sore muscles.

For my long bath I used the Blackberry Bomb I bought in Switzerland. And just like the seller promised me it gave my bath a kind of deep purple color and not just something light that comes out of most colored bath products. I really like this color. And the little ball had indeed a tiny paper in it saying "Boom Boom!" What a funny and cool thing to have. I smiled for a long time at that.

Nevertheless there were two things not really to my liking. Firstly, I missed the strong and berry scent the bomb had before I put it into the water. I feel like it got kinda lost in the bath and it also lost it berry scent. It was a really strong scent when I put my nose really near the water, but I don´t think that´s enough and still I didn´t smell as much berries as I would have liked. Second of all, the bath bomb left a bit of a stain in my tub that wasn´t going away with just plain water. I had to take a tiny towel soaked with water and then rub it off. It was still going of then pretty easily, but now I have dark stains in the towel and I can just hope that they will go off while washing it.

Anyway, I had a really, really nice bath and though the scent wasn´t exactly like the dry bath bomb and it was very, very subtle I was enjoying my bath time with this bomb and the color didn´t leave stains on my skin or on the towel I used to dry myself. So I would say if you´re a berry person or you want to have a light moment in your day this bomb is pretty great for you.

Next, I used my new Ponche Shower Gel to feel a little bit more clean and to get this kick the seller promised me in Berlin. And well, I got the kick. The scent of Ponche is not what I usually like, but it´s amazing and it really gives you some kind of kick with a lot of good mood. I would say this comes from all the spanish-y scents in it.

It comes out kind of runny, but when you rub it in your hands it gets brighter until it´s a white, thin foam that you can easily rub all over your body. And have I mentioned the scent yet? Still amazing! I just love Ponche.

I have used my Rub Rub Rub Peeling like 4 times by now mostly directly after shaving my legs to get rid of all old danders and I still love the smell and the feeling of it. You can feel that it is really pigmented and that it rubs of old skin. It leaves a kind of oily stain on your skin afterwards which feels a bit of weird first, but it is good, as I think, because it hydrates your skin so that it doesn´t itch so much after shaving it. 

I have to say that it burns a little when I rub it in though. It might just be because my skin is really sensitive after I shaved it, but I don´t like that feeling too much. And also my bottle is almost half empty and I haven´t used it a lot since I got it. I need just really a lot of it to rub my legs with it. For that it´s a little bit expensive, but the feeling afterwards is worth it. My legs are soft like the skin of a baby after using Rub Rub Rub.

Maybe this was helping you to decide wether you want to buy one of those things from Lush. All in all, I still love Lush and I think they´re quality is great and they´re stuff really makes your bath a lot more fun.

Have a wonderful day

Questions & Answers - Tag

Hi there internet friends.

To be honest, I wasn´t tagged by anyone to do this, but I´m in a tag-y mode cause my vacations are starting right now and how great is it to just lay down and not do anything for a whole afternoon? And I don´t have any pressure to get organised on all the things for two whole weeks. I love it!
Oh, I stole this tag from Zoella because I think it is a good tag to get to know me a bit better. I hope Zoe doesn´t mind.

Rules for this tag:

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag eight other un-tagged people

What is your current fashion obsession? - High-low sweaters

What is your current makeup obsession? - I think this would be my two new Mac eyeshadows

What are you wearing today? - I was wearing my new greyish sweater with a basic white top underneath and then a normal jeans and some burgundary wedgies, but I´ve changed into my I Heart Berlin jumper and a black leggin

Hair? - Straight, outgrowing pony, died in copper-brown, but I have a lot and very thick hair

Do you nap a lot? - I wish I could, but I feel like it just doesn´t make sense because then I won´t sleep well in the night

Why is today special? - Because my vacations from school are starting today :)

What would you like to learn to do? Play the piano and guitar

What's for dinner today? - Not planned yet. Probably bread...

What are you listening to right now? - Radio and the current song is called "The Night Out" by Martin Solveig (yep, had to Shazam that...)

What is your favorite weather? - Hot sun with a very light breeze

What's the last thing you bought? - I just ordered Jo Malone´s Vanilla & Anis parfum online. Does that count as buying?

What are your essentials when traveling? - Clean things to wear for the days I´m going +1, all my makeup, makeup remover, my two little cushions, my teddy bear, my iPad and a very comfy outfit

What's your style?- I honestly don´t know. I think I´d describe it as a mixture of a bit sporty with a lot of elegance and comfy mixed into, too

What is your most challenging goal right now? - Get my future togehter... It´s hard to be at a turning point in your life...

What was the last creative thing you did? - I had a coffee cup signed with all the people who were there at the meeting in Berlin and I love it

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Ugh, hard decision between LA and Berlin. I love both cities for their rush, but LA has a beach, therefore Berlin has some of my favorite people in the world... I think I would go for LA though, then I could get all my people to visit me

Favorite vacation spot? - A sunny beach. I don´t care where as long as I can be sportive and lazy there

Name the things you cannot live without? - My family, my friends and my iPad

How was your childhood? Way too great to be real. I have the best and cooles parents in the world!

What would you like to have in your hands right now? A plain ticket to LA for me and my friends. We all really want to go there...

What would you like to get rid of? My current worries and most of the "cool" people in school

What are you most excited for? My 8 hour dance workshop tomorrow

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Berlin and visit my friends

Which countries have you visited? Uhm, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England and I drove through Belgium and France

What is your favorite hot drink in the whole world? - Vanilla Latte with a lot of Vanilla syrup

Well, I´m not tagging anyone specific here since I wasn´t able to really read a lot of blogs during the last weeks, but I´m keeping up with this and working on my blogs outter appearance in my vacations. Promise! Anyone of you who reads this can do this tag, it is fun to do.

Have a wonderful day

Huge Berlin Haul

Hi there internet friends.

Whenever I get the chance to go to Berlin I take it because I just love the rush of that city. Also I always take this chance to do a huge shopping trip.

Well, I didn´t have that much time last weekend to go shopping, but I managed to get quite a few things.
Let´s start of with basics from Rossmann.

Rossmann is simply a drugstore which is why I just bought some hair ties without metal. They´re in 3 colors and in thick and thin. I got them for 1,49 €. Then I also needed new bobby pins because I lost all of mine. Those were 0,99 € and they´re in a kind of dark brown. In black I´ve got those bodkins on the same account for 0,99 €. All these products are from Rossmann´s own brand For Your Beauty. I was simply too lazy to go into the city and buy this stuff before I went to Berlin, so don´t judge me for not showing you the exciting stuff in the first place.

I only had a white kohl until the weekend, but it always looked kind of too bright for my eyes. So I got this nude kohl from MaxFactor. It´s number 090 Natural Glaze and it was 4,45 €.

Rihanna´s Nude was the next thing I bought. I was looking forward to buying this for a long time now, but I wanted to save the feeling of acutally owning it for Berlin, so I got it then. It is kind of darker than flowery parfums and more sexy and mysterious, but it still has a light note and it isn´t too heavy. So you don´t burst into a room with your smell first. It makes you smell really, really good in a more subtle way. I got the smaller bottle for 16,50 €.

After my first time at Lush I knew I had to go back into a store. I got this bathing ball called Phoenix Rising which is supposed to turn your water shimmery golden and have a color change. I was thinking about getting this when I was in Switzerland, but then decided to go for the Blackberry Bomb because cinnamon is not my usual scent. But who can say no to a glittery golden-pink bath in a time where the sky is grey? It was 5,35 €.

Well, I´ve heard so many great things about Ponche that at least I had to smell it. And wow, I kind of feel like even smelling it makes me wake up more in the morning. I am so looking forward to using this in the morning. It smells exactly as it is described: Like something between an exotic punch and Tequila. I payed 8,95 € for 100 ml.

The Body Shop was on my list, too. I finally wanted to buy a full size product this time and not the smaller ones. I decided to go for this Satsuma Body Puree because it just smelled the nicest. I didn´t want to go for Mango again, so I took something else. But I can´t describe this scent, it is just exotic, fruity and great. It was 12 €.

Since I don´t have a Primark near to me I take my chance whenenver I´m in bigger cities. Firstly, I got this very thin sweater. It is mostly grey, but it also has white and black points. It is high-low and the material is heavenly soft. It was 8 €.

Another sweater, this time in marine and white stripes and without high-low cut. I am just in love with sweaters for the upcoming seasons and I´ve loved marine stripes since forever, so I couldn´t say no to buying this for 7 €.

My friend was looking for a nice dress, but instead I found this one. It is in petrol and it has a very simple cut. Just a little bit smaller on the hips and then again back to flowy on the end. The small, brown belt came with it and I payed 15 €.

I bought another white belt for 2 € because I was in need of a new one. It has this gold clasp and it is really thin. But I like to wear my belts very tight and so after just one day of wearing it it is almost broken on the side of the loop I put it in. It might be very good just as an accessoire for a dress or over a top, but not for actually holding your jeans.

Look at those sweet tights. I saw them right before the cash point and I think they will be perfect in winter with a simple red or black dress or skirt on top. Maybe even with just a very long jumper. I didn´t have to  hesitate for 4 €.

And surprisingly, I didn`t find that much of accessoires I really liked. Just this one smaller necklace in gold. It will fit perfectly to a blouse I already own and so I couldn´t resist it. It was 5 €.

The most exciting things for me to buy were Mac products. I just started my own collection in Berlin. To start a collection I  got this double sided palette which is kind of new. Basically it is a Pro Palette, but you can put things on both sides and you can seperate them with a small transparent plastic barrier which can be put on either sides. To go with the palette I also got a filling for 15 eyeshadows. So one side is filled right now and the other is still empty, but I can also collect blushes on the other side If I want to later. The palette was 32 € and the filling 11,50 €.

Then I´ve got two eyeshadows, of course. Both are brown-ish, but Texture (the right one) is a little bit lighter while Mulch is darker and more sparkly. How good the are both pigmented is unnecessary to say, isn´t it? I´m in love and I was gladly spending  14,50 € each.

What is the start of a Mac collection without a lipstick? I´ve decided to stay with not so bold colors and go for a pink nude which takes back my lips, but isn´t totally putting them away. This one is called Kinda Sexy. It´s a matte lipstick and it costed 19 €.

Here are my three swatches. The one at the top is Texture, then comes Mulch and last, but not least, Kinda Sexy.

I also got this tiny Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara as a present, but I haven´t tested it yet.

Lastly, I went into a Claire´s to get some more basic stuff. I started with this hairloop because I saw bebexo use it for covering up pony with your own hair and before that video I was going to buy the special tool Claire´s has for this, but a hair loop with 2,5 € is just cheaper.

Then I bought some tiny transparent hairties which I was after for a long, long time. We used them when I was little a lot, but then I never found them again. They´re very handy when it comes to having smaller ponys.

And I got some more bobby pins as a present. They´re also in a dark brown, so they fit perfectly with my hair.

All in all, I think I bought way too much stuff, but I am totally happy with it. And that´s the most important thing, isn´t it?

Have a wonderful day