Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

Hi there internetfriends.

I´ve been looking forward to this post for quit a time now (basically since I started blogging) and finally the autumn came around (and hit us hard in the face). But I´m looking at it positively. I love my nail polishes and every season brings the oppurtunity for new colors. Or this is what I tell myself when I´m standing in front of the shelf in the drugstore and pick up a hand full of nail polishes though I don´t really get to wear them often. But anyway, I´ve been using some in the last weeks an I am really looking forward to some colors this autumn.

Just so you know, I´ve used to layers of every polish because I think the second layer gives them a more intense color and I love that.

The first color is by Catrice and is called My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame. It is a very light nude that needs two layers to be coverin. But it is a very pretty nude that can be worn with everything. It gives a very colorful outfit a little place of ease and with very light outfits it doesn´t take all the attention.

Dive Bar by Essie is a very dark, sparkly color that changes with the light. It shimmers lila, green or blue due to how the light catches your fingers. I really like it at partys, but also with very light outfits as a contrast. It splitters very fast at the tips, but you can correct it easily because of the darkness and the sparkles.

A bright red fits in no season like autumn. While I prefered using a darker red over the last years I´m using the 240 by Kiko this year for a change. I like the polishes by Kiko because they´re easy to apply and look really smooth.

I did choose another greenish tone. But this one is more a bright turqouise and it´s also sparkly. It´s by Catrice and called King Of Greens. This tone is more for darker outfits because I really like the effect of a contrast. Plain black or dark oufits are nice, but they definitely need a touch of color.

The last polish is Angora Cardi by Essie. It´s a dark violet and it´s just really pretty. I like it a lot for my daily outfits because  fits a lot of them. Also I like that it is very good to apply and if you have thin layers it dries very quick. It stays for a few days before it begins to splitter and the color just makes me happy and excited for autumn.

I really want to wear all of those colors with different outfits and maybe mix the colors in different nail arts. Do you like any special colors in autumn?

Have a wonderful day

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