The Fault In Our Stars - A Book Review

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As I've found myself in a bigger downphase over the last months I wanted to read a really, really good book, but I couldn't get myself up to read the books on my bedside table. They just weren't what I wanted to read. When I then finally got into the city with my sister buying stuff for school. My sister needed to go into a bookstore which is selling cheap school stuff. I was looking through the books and remembered this great book I've heard about: The Fault In Our StarsI didn't know much about the book, basically just that it was a story about two cancer kids falling in love and how it was "One Of The Greatest Books Ever". I also knew this one qoute: "I fell in love with you the way you fall asleep - slowly and then all at once" which gives me shivers everytime I read it.I did order the book a few weeks later on Amazon, right in time for my trip.

Let's go over the facts first. The book was written by John Green. It has 312 pages without the achknownledgements. It was published on the 10th January 2012 by Penguin.

I don't want to spoiler you too much. The basic story is written from Hazel's point of view. She is sixteen years old and has cancer which causes tumors in her lungs. She was saved from death due to too much water caused by the cancer once and has to carry an oxygen cart with her all the time. At a weekly meeting in a group for cancer kids she meets Augustus Waters, a hot boy that is staring at her. Both get to know each other better as the time goes by and eventually fall in love. The books tells how both deal with their cancer and how the people around them deal with it, but mostly it is about how those kids get to know each other and how they see the world in a more grown-up way because they have the vision of death right in front of their eyes.

Needless to say that i had quite high expectations for this book, but this book still managed to blow my mind

The most amazing part of the book are definitely the characters. They all have flaws, they are all different and they are all so real and natural. It felt more like someone who's telling you a real story than reading a fictional one. This is also the first book I've read that really understands teenagers, their feelings, thoughts and behavior. All the characters are totally lovely and it's almost impossible to not fall in love with them. There are Hazel's  parents who are caring way too much about their child, the blind boy Isaac who has to handle a broken heart and his blindness at the same time and of course Augustus and Hazel who both handle their cancer in a ironic yet totally funny and understandable way and who both also can have very deep conversations and thoughts due to their expected deaths Personally, I can relate to that (not the death part, hopefully my death will be far away in the future). I'm totally childish and hyperactive sometimes, but I also have a lot of those deep moments.

I love how ironic the whole book reflects the cancer. The sick kids are not all depressed and crying all the time, they're happy human beings who experience the world in a more special way. Especially Augustus is totally open to everyone. He says what he thinks even if it isn't really fiting and that's totally refresing. Who hasn't said something without thinking? But Augustus doesn't think it's awkward, he accepts that part of him and it totally makes him more loveable.

The book doesn't want to give you a solution for every situation and if there is  a solution that seems kind of magical it always has a very human explanation. But the book mostly just wants to tell the story of those characters. The topic of cancer often leads authors to create some totally cheesy scenes that you might like the first read, but hate later. The Fault In Our Stars isn't like that. Though there are some cheesy scenes, they always have a twist so that in the end you'll laugh.

Have I mentioned John Green's style of writing yet? It is awesome. He really catches the thoughts of Hazel great. Sometimes I wasn't even sure if those were her thoughts or mine. In generell he has a really cool and smooth style of writing that gets to you. I've read 100 pages in a row without even looking up once. This book is too smooth to get boring. Also John Green lets you feel so strongly connected to the characters that you just have to cry. If you know John Green's Youtube channel (thevlogbrothers) you can imagine his style of writing. His style is just so much of himself, so funny, so relaxed and so unique that you have to love it. Since the book is from Hazel's point of view you often read her thoughts and John Green got his style totally right when it comes to the way teenagers think. It is, again, just very natural.

Lastly, the book gives you some amazing qoutes which I will not tell you, because you should go and read them for yourself. Those qoutes make you think about your own life a bit more, but some of them are just so great that you want to have a pillow Bestickt with them like Augustus' parents have.

I can only speak for myself when I say that this book indeed is one of the best books I've ever read. I'm thinking of re-reading it on the journey home just because it is this awesome. I want to go through that palette of feelings again. Honestly, I didn't cry, but it was because I always were in a room with other people and I just couldn't get soooo emotionally involved. But if I'd have read it in my bed I would have cried so much.
If someone is still wondering wether to read this book or not, just get up and get this damn book. You will not regret this ever!

I also wanted to share my thoughts on the book title with some of you, but it you don't want to be spoilered then click away and get this book first.
The title is inspired by a shakespearan qoute which is also qouted in the book: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in in the stars/ but in ourselves". The author of Hazel's favorite book disagrees with Shakespear in one of his letters. So the title basically says that the fault is indeed in our stars, in our fate and that we cannot change it though we might handle our life always the best way. Which is why fate decided that Gus had to die though he was pretty healthy and that Hazel was able to live on though she was pretty sick. It was the fault of their stars, not their fault.
But I've also read an interpretation that sees it this way: We are all made of stardust, so we are all stars, just living on earth. Our stars are the people around us and their fault is that they die. But that's a fault that everybody has because death is inevitable. I also like this interpretation very much.

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