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  • Hi there, internetfriends.

  • I was in Switzerland last week and while we did a lot of hiking with our group we also had the chance to look around Lucerne for a day. Like almost every normal human being I'm always keen about food shopping in different countries (especially when it comes to sweets).

    Me and another girl from my group got together (basically because we both had no one else to go with) and after some sightseeing, straying and a Frozen Yoghurt we found a supermarket called Coop. Coop is like a swiss discounter as we discovered later.
    Anyway, here are the things I bought.

    To seem just a bit healthy I got some green apples (my favorite ones: Golden Delicious) and some grapes that were on offer. No, I'm kidding, I didn't get them as a try to look healthy, but because we only have red apples in our vacation home that are to sour for my taste. And we've got no other fruits there. For 602 g I payed 2,05 CHF and for 574 g of the grapes 1,35 CHF.

    For the rest of the days we spend hiking I've got something to snack for myself. I decided to buy Balisto granola bars in the flavor Choco Chips because they sounded delicious and we don't have them in Germany. They costed 3,70 CHF. And I've already tried them, they're nothing really special, but still delicious. Same reason goes for the Da Vida Snack in Paprika. They are little crackers with some Paprika dust on them. They taste really good. The Paprika dust makes them a little bit more special than just plain wheat crackers. Maybe they're even an alternative to chips. They were 2,95 CHF.

    And who can go food shopping in Switzerland without buying cheese? I got this Frommage Du Terroir (234 g) for 5,75 CHF. Though I'm a big cheese fan I'm taking this home for my parents. We are currently living next to a cheese dairy and I'm hoping to find another cheese for my parents when we visit it.

    Obviously, I needed some chocolate as well. I decided to go for a crunchy one by Nestle for 2,10 CHF and some King Choco Mikado Sticks for 2,50 CHF. Both I can't get at home and they just look way to delicious. The crunchy chocolate was a bit like Sunrice, I think, though I'm not sure if it was rice or something else in it. Anyway, it was delicious (and I ate half of it in like 10 minutes..) The Mikados don't have just one simple layer of chocolate, but some additional rings of darker chocolate around them. Yummy! I've saved them for home so my family can try some of them too. The Lindt chocolate is also available in Germany, but it was actually cheaper with just 2,95 CHF. And my sister (and me, too) loves the type Cookies & Cream, so this is for her. It tastes kind of like heaven coated with chocolate. If you like cookies (and who doesn't?) then this is definitely something for you.
    The gum and the strawberry strings are for my personal vacation snack bar, too. The gum by Trident is called Watermelon Sunrise and it tastes amazing (and the packaging does look great too, doesn't it?). But don't expect too much from this gum. I doesn't really give you a fresh breath and the taste doesn't last very long, it just tastes amazing for a small time. But the smell of it is a bit obtrusive and a bit too artificially sweet. They were 3,30 CHF. The strings are from Red Band and strawberry scented. I can't taste or see anything special about them, I just really like strawberry strings. They were 1,80 CHF.
    All in all, I payed 28,35 CHF and that's a hell of a lot, but it's Switzerland. What do you expect?Since we are mostly Wandern through mountains I'm not really able to buy much more, so I'm okay with it. And I also got some good things to take home with me.
    But that wasn't the end of my food shopping. Two days later we got a whole day of freetime in Zurich and what did I do? Yep, food shopping with the same girl from my group (and a bit of Lush shopping). We found this really cute and tiny supermarket called Migros and looked around there for a while.

    It´s a good thing that I didn´t get that much there.

    I found some dried mango stripes which are pretty good to take with you on a longer trip. They even were organic and just 3,00 CHF. They tasted really amazing and were pretty handy for a day long trip. I could just get some out and put the rest back into my bag because they had this thing to close the pack again and again.

    Then I got some cheese again. I just love the cheese here way too much, i'm afraid I won't like the cheese at home anymore. This time it was a La Tomme Rustique (100 g) for 1,95 CHF. Saved the cheese for home, so I don't know how it tastes yet.
    I've heard such amazing things about the chocolate by Frey so I took the chance when I got it and bought the Mahony Lait one. It is milkchocolate with honey-almond-nougat in it, kind of like Toblerone and yumm, that is one delicious chocolate. Then at the cashpoint they were some more sweets and I took this strawberry winegums by Gomz which looked good, but actually weren't. They are a bit harder than normal winegums which I totally like, but not when they just taste like sweet chemicals. I was pretty happy that some people asked to try them and that it was only 100 g. They were 1,50 CHF.
    I paid 8,05 CHF in Mogris.
    Lastly, we went into another Coop because we wanted to get some Rivella. The landlord of our cottage (who founded the cheese dairy) told us that Rivella is made with whey, and we knew it was typical for Switzerland. We were just curious and got the red version which we think is the normal one.

    It actually is very delicious and tingly. I can't really describe the taste, but it blew my mind especially after I've had the smell of hot milk stuck in my nose and I thought that it would taste bad. So if you get the chance, try it. I got the 0,5 l bottle for 1,30 CHF. They had a whole shelf full of smoothies and I always want to try new ones. I decided to get this multifruited one with orange, pineapple, passionfruit, banana, guava and mango in it. It says that it is 100 % fruits. It really tastes amazing. It is not too sweet since it also has a sour taste in it. It is not as viscious as I expected it to be because it was a smoothie. But I love it this way. It was 1,75 CHF and I wish I had taken more of it with me.
    I left 3,05 CHF at Coop.
    I didn't know that we would have the chance to buy the cheese and the delicious yoghurts from our hut, but I had some money left.


    I got three different kinds of yoghurt: vanilla which is just the sweetes vanilla I've ever eaten and it is delicious, then chocolate (have you ever gotten chocolate yoghurt yet?). Chocolate is a little bit sour, but it tastes just like Herbe chocolate Streusel. A mix of choco and vanilla is great! I wanted to get the one with multiple fruits in it too, but they were out of it so I've got Waldbeere which is close to my favorite. If you get close to Walchwil make sure to visit the little shop from Rust! Each of the yoghurt was 1,25 CHF.
    I got half of a little mild mature cheese (the right one) for 4,95 CHF and like 200 g of Greyerzer in semi-cured for 5,70 CHF. Again I can't describe the taste, but they are delicious and really tasty compared to the cheese we can get in Germany.
    I paid 14,40 CHF at Rust.
    In total I spent 53,85 CHF on food I basically didn't need, but I love food so I'm happy this way. And now I'm gonna go and try all the things I haven't tried yet. Yumm, I'm really looking forward to that.
    Have a wonderful day

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